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Coconut Milk Coffee Creamer Recipe | Vitacup | Pantone Coffee Mugs | Keurig | Cafe Au Lait Dahlias | Rose Gold Copper Flatware | Rose Gold Copper Serving Tray | Blush Pink Ikat Napkin

Coconut Milk Coffee Creamer Recipe | Vitacup

Sponsored by VitaCup As a mom, ambitious career woman, and health-focused individual, how I start my day determines how I’ll feel by the end of it. A healthy breakfast is super important, plus vitamins and that much needed boost…

Cheers x Chocolate: Introducing Cailler

Growing up in San Francisco means chocolate runs deep in our blood. Corners of the city even carry an air of it. And over the years, our gourmet city has exploded with new chocolate varieties that complement the next one.…

Thai Banana Chia Pudding Recipe Sylvie in the Sky

EAT: Thai Banana Chia Pudding

Image credit:   This weekend, I was hell bent on making chia breakfast pudding jars to make our work week mornings easier and healthier (no offense, frozen gluten free waffles). My only hang up? Even with the recipe…