10 Mugwort Skincare Health Benefits

I know the word mugwort might sound like it should be coming out of a Harry Potter film and not like it should be related to skincare, but trust when I say that mugwort THE It ingredient we all deserve to add into our skincare and wellness regimen this year. Mugwort is a prized K-beauty skincare ingredient that is truly magical, just not the type of magic we see in Harry Potter. Mugwort is a weed is from the Artemisia family. It’s a medicinal herb that has been used in traditional medicine practices in China, Korea, and Japan for skin issues like eczema and within indigenous people of North America for poison ivy, itching, and bruising. In recent years, mugwort has grown in popularity in skincare products, specifically K-beauty, and offers many health benefits for our skin and overall health. Mugwort has been around ages, but we’re now seeing more Korean skincare products actually designed to cure skin using mugwort. K-beauty has taken a cleaner approach in 2020 by using simple, yet effective ingredients that soothe, heal, and protect the skin. What makes Mugwort worth it? Why is it so trendy right now? How can it benefit your skin? Keep reading below and find out.

10 Mugwort Skincare Health Benefits

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Dry and irritated skin can be moisturized and calmed down due to the anti-inflammatory properties mugwort possesses. It also contains Vitamin E which is wonderful for nourishing the skin. Mugwort has been shown to be a great treatment for eczema and psoriasis. 

Hydrates Skin

Mugwort has amazing hydrating qualities that make it a great option for those who struggle with sensitive and dry skin. I’ve been using mugwort products for a few weeks and I’ve noticed such a difference in the overall look and feel of my skin. 

Antibacterial/Anti-Fungal Properties

Thanks to the amazing antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, mugwort helps to bring you that radiant, glowy skin you’ve been dreaming of.

Treats Acne Prone Skin

The antibacterial and anti-fungal properties also help to address and clear up acne prone skin. The antibacterial properties fight the bacterias in the skin which helps to clear pores and treat breakouts.

Smoothes Skin Tone

Because mugwort helps to treat acne prone skin, it’s a great way to promote smooth skin! The properties in mugwort help to smooth the skin and the tone of your skin overall. 

Antioxidant Properties

The antioxidant properties in Mugwort benefit mature and aging skin! This helps to prevent any skin damage caused by oxygen free-radicals and helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines in the skin. Say goodbye to those wrinkles!

Reduces Redness

If you’re someone who struggles with redness on the skin, try adding mugwort to your skincare routine! Mugwort has been shown to relieve redness thanks to the Vitamin E included. 

Prevents UV Ray Damage

Because of the antioxidant properties in mugwort, it can be a help in preventing damage from ultraviolet rays. Overexposure to UV rays can cause early skin aging and sun damage like wrinkles and leathery skin. Luckily, mugwort products help to fight against that!


Mugwort is also amazing for soothing skin that has been irritated from things like bug bites or allergic reactions. You can use a cream with mugwort on irritated areas to soothe the itching and redness of these reactions.

Stimulates Collagen Production

Mugwort is very rich in Vitamin C which has amazing benefits like boosting collagen production! Collagen is really great for improving elasticity, reducing wrinkles, and increasing blood flow to the skin. 

Have you added Mugwort to your skincare routine? What products have you been loving? I’d love to chat in the comments!


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