13 Best Healing Crystals for Beginners

Healing Crystals for Beginners by popular San Francisco lifestyle blog, Sylvie in the Sky: image of crystals n shells next to a family picture.

To protect my peace, I’m grateful to have many ways to help battle anxiety, stress, and fear. Meditation, affirmations, breathwork, and yoga are all instrumental in keeping me in a mindful state, and most recently, crystal healing. Crystal Healing is the practice of using crystal’s unique energy patterns to bring balance to the person’s life and promotes happiness and stronger mental well-being. Kate Hudson, Kim K, Julianna Hough, and Adele are just a few of the many celebs that also swear by crystal healing for their amazing abilities. Each crystal has its own purpose, so each can be used in different ways. If you’re struggling with something specific, researching will help, and if you’re looking to getting started with all things crystal healing, check out my list of the 13 best healing crystals for beginners below.

13 Best Healing Crystals for Beginners


Amethyst is one of the most well-known and popular crystals for a great reason. Known for its calming abilities, Amethyst is a beautiful purple crystal that also has some of the best healing properties. Amethyst can be worn in jewelry, carried around, or kept in the home to promote reduced anxiety.


Feeling lucky? Jade is the crystal of fortune and luck. It’s also known for its physical abilities to benefit the bladder, kidneys, and spleen. Jade is best to meditate with or be carried around. It can also help with relationship maturity and honesty.

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Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is the crystal of unconditional love. The light pink color is very recognizable and is often used as decoration in homes. Whether you need some self-love or want to support your current relationship, rose quartz is there. It also focuses on opening the heart chakra, tying into the unconditional love property. 

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is often carried in cars or placed in the home for it’s amazing protection properties. It can also protect the mind, warding off negative dreams while we sleep. Black Tourmaline is one of my favorites because it’s amazing at getting rid of the “junk” in life, both mentally and physically.


If negative emotions are feeling stronger, Pyrite is used to cleanse negative energies from the mind. Pyrite is also a stone of luck, just like Jade. It has grounding properties, even with its high vibrations. It’s also great to keep in an office space for motivation.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is the “Master Healer” crystal. It’s best known for concentration, memory recall, balance, and supporting the immune system. Students can greatly benefit from keeping a few pieces of clear quartz in their study areas!


Found in Shunga, which is a small village in Russia, Shungite is made of up to 99% carbon. Shungite is used for its amazing physical healing abilities, like killing bacteria, reducing inflammation, and easing physical complications.  


Citrine is your joy crystal. It’s great for positivity and improved self-esteem! Citrine is a great stone to meditate with and use as a negative energy blocker.

Tiger’s Eye

One of the most interesting looking crystals is Tiger’s Eye. Fear and anxiety, especially of the unknown, can be handled with Tiger’s Eye in hand. It also helps with confidence, just as the tiger is confident in the wild.


Selenite is a cleansing crystal. It can cleanse the home, an office, or even other crystals. It represents purity and is great to keep by your bed as it can promote relaxation.


Another fortune and luck stone, Amazonite has many abilities. Besides good luck, it can provide physical benefits like reducing tooth decay, osteoporosis, and muscle spasms. It also gives off soothing energy in times of stress.

White Opal

White Opal is a gorgeous stone that encourages creativity and the expression of one’s true self. These feelings of independence and freedom help to increase feelings of self-worth. Opal is also my birthstone so it’s always been a special stone for me.


Moonstone is a motherly stone that creates healing and compassionate energies. It also has a motherly-protection side that wards off unwanted energies to keep us safe.

How to Care for Crystals

If you’re a beginner, learning how to care for your new crystals is an important first step. Typically, washing crystals in saltwater can cleanse the negative energy, but make sure to know that some crystals cannot get wet, so research the crystal at hand before washing it. Other care options include leaving the crystals in the moonlight or running them through the smoke of burning sage.

Where are all my crystal-lovers at? How do you use your crystals? I would love to know what your favorite crystal is – share them all in comment section down below!


Healing Crystals for Beginners by popular San Francisco lifestyle blog, Sylvie in the Sky: Pinterest image of crystals n shells next to a family picture.

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