15 Best At Home Fitness Apps for Women

One major silver lining with this extended time at home is the ease and convenience of working out. Not only do I really have no excuse to get it done, but I can workout from the comfort of my home! Plus the significant savings from cancelled fitness memberships and drop in classes. Now the big question is always – which At Home Fitness apps to trust to help us crush that workout? I’ve been using workout apps for a long time and have definitely found a trusted few that motivate me the most. Working out helps me relieve any stress I’m feeling from the wild world of motherhood… and this unpredictable time in general. My kids definitely know how to keep me busy, but making space to regularly workout and focus on me is essential for my physical, mental, and emotional wellness.

I’m so happy to share my 15 best at home workout fitness apps for women, moms, and postpartum today. Read along and download these to your phone to level up your fitness game at home, too.

15 Best At Home Fitness Apps for Women


Did you know that you don’t need the bike to get in a good Peloton workout? Peloton offers a free download app that gives you a 30-day free trial to the live and on-demand classes available. They offer amazing guided workouts that range from cardio to yoga to stretching. After your trial, you have the opportunity to purchase a subscription that lets you access running, cycling, strength training classes and more!

Melissa Wood Health

This is my favorite app for low impact workouts! MWH combines low impact movements with yoga and pilates to help sculpt your whole body. They add new workouts every monday and offer treadmill training, guided meditations, and pre/post natal exercises. 

Body By Simone

BBS redefines lifestyles and the way you work out with the help of celebrity trainer Simone De La Rue and celebrity nutritionist Kelly LeVeque. With personalized workouts, daily live classes, a full nutrition plan, and trackable progress, this app is your one-stop-shop for a great at-home fitness routine.


Kayla Itsines and other female personal trainers guide you through great workouts. After downloading the app, all new members are offered a free trial to check out amazing workouts and nutrition guides. After your free trial, you have the chance to sign up for exclusive access with millions of women with the same intentions of bettering themselves and their lives through fitness.


The Nike Training App offers a variety of workouts ranging from 15-45 minutes. These workouts range in intensity and are aimed at specific parts of the body or any fitness goals you have. Their guided workouts are personalized based on what you like to do and how active you are. 


With over 2,500 workouts to choose from, Aaptiv offers trainer-led workouts with hundreds of class options. Whether you’re looking for running, cycling, or HIIT workouts, there’s plenty for you to choose from. I love that this app streams music from your playlists and that it has run training options for marathons and 5K’s. This mama is working on her running so this app is definitely a favorite!

Map My Run

This app, owned by Under Armour, is incredible for tracking your runs and viewing your weekly progress. There are challenges to participate in against other Map My Run users and you can even participate in pre recorded workouts too!


If you’re insanely busy like me, this workout app is your key for squeezing in a quick workout. Seven is exactly what you think it is — seven minute workouts! This app even shows you how to do different exercises with a visual guide to make sure you are practicing the right form. While there are in-app purchases, this app still offers amazing free options for getting a great workout into your daily routine.

Popsugar Active

Popsugar is such an amazing option for ad-free workouts. This app has over 500 workout options for anyone including cardio, boxing, dance, HIIT, low impact, strength, toning, and yoga! They literally have it all. With the curated plants and approachable fitness options, this app helps motivate you to become healthier, stronger, and confidently you. 


This monthly subscription app gives you access to thousands of studios (like Orange Theory and Crunch) and gyms in over 2,500 cities around the nation! When you can’t make it to a workout class, bring the workout class home to you. I love this app for trying out new classes because it allows me to have a range of workouts that I’ve never done before or have always wanted to try out. 

Streaks Workout

If you don’t have access to gym equipment, then you’ll love this app because all you need is some time and floor space. With 30 equipment-free exercises ranging from 6-30 minutes long, Streaks Workout creates custom workouts for you and your goals. I love that this app doesn’t involve equipment necessary workouts because it makes working out possible for anytime, anywhere. 

Simply Yoga

This is the most user-friendly yoga app you’ll ever use! There are 20-60 minute beginner yoga routines that you can follow with included labeled visuals to help with your form. There are in-app purchases for more difficult yoga routines, but this is great for any beginner yogi.


This app is great if you’re looking for ways to practice yoga, meditation, and pilates to help you feel better mentally and physically. Their on the go and at home classes are personalized for your lifestyle and any level of intensity you’re looking for.

12 Minute Athlete

HIIT workouts are sure to make you sweat and so will this workout app. They offer 12 minute video demonstration workouts using minimal equipment or no equipment at all! You get to choose how long you want to workout and what equipment you want to use and they do the rest!


This app is all about targeting workout routines for your specific lifestyle. I love that Sworkit (Simply Work It) personalizes workouts for you based on whether you want to build strength, practice mediation, stretch, etc. They help you build a routine where each workout is different to maximize your workout goals and make sure you’re not bored while doing it. 

Now it’s your turn to tell us – what are your best at home fitness apps you think we should add to our fitness app lineup? Which apps are you going to try or love from this best at home fitness app list above? Tell us in the comments below…and have an awesome workout!

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