15+ Best Natural /Non-Toxic/ Green Home Cleaning Products

Green Home Cleaning Products featured by top US lifestyle blog Sylvie in the Sky

Since becoming a mother I’ve become more aware of the harsh chemicals found in everyday products we use to clean the home. I had no idea that number of added chemicals that were in the products I was using to clean my home. It’s pretty scary thinking about how many chemicals get added unnecessarily to household cleaners. As soon as I found out about the toxins in my household cleaners, I went on a mission to start finding green home cleaning products. This is just the first step in being greener by using natural products in my home. I hope that my list will help other mothers realize that using green home cleaning products doesn’t have to be an expensive change, anyone can do it!

Green Home Cleaning Products featured by top US lifestyle blog Sylvie in the Sky

Best Green Home Cleaning Products:


My favorite essential oil brand introduced their line of heavenly scented, non toxic cleaning products last year. Multipurpose, bathroom, laundry, kitchen, glass, and more – these mineral and plant based home cleaning solutions are my favorite to date.

Mrs. Meyers
Mrs. Meyers has a wide range of natural cleaners for your house. This includes, but is not limited to multi-surface cleaner, dish and hand soap. Started by a woman who has 9 children and wanted a more natural way to clean the home, Mrs. Meyers is one of the most popular natural green home cleaning products to use. We use their laundry detergent, toilet bowl cleaner and bathroom cleaner and their Basil scent is the best.

If you’re looking for a more natural, non-toxic option check out Method. This green company offers great smelling (pink grate fruit and lavender are my favorites!) hand washing soap options and we all know how often we’re telling the kids to wash their hands. I’d rather have T and O use something that’s more natural so it doesn’t irritate their sensitive hands and skin. We also swear by their dishwasher pods, lavender scented floor cleaner, and wood cleaner.

Seventh Generation
Enjoy getting your natural baby, home cleaning, and feminine products from Seventh Generation. We use and love their baby wipes, disinfecting wipes, multipurpose cleaner, and paper products too.

Green Works
If you’re looking for a good surface cleaner for your household, then try Green Works All Purpose Cleaner Spray. This is a multi-surface cleaner that doesn’t include any of the chemicals that you’d typically find in a multi-surface cleaner. You can easily save money purchasing this for use to clean most of your home.

Better Life
Better Life is best suited for surface cleaners that are more natural and green cleaning product options for the average consumer. Created by two fathers who wanted to challenge the way the world cleans with a more natural product, Better Life has been found in many households as a replacement for any family looking to be more eco-friendly and use more natural products for their household cleaning.

Enjoy this brand that offers Aroma therapeutic products as a means to get the consumer to see that a natural household cleaner can smell good without using harsh chemicals. Caldrea offers a wide range of green and natural products that are meant to be used as an all-purpose cleaner around your home for those families looking to go green.

For those with sensitive skin, you’ll be happy to learn about this brand, Ecover. This is a natural, non-toxic green home cleaning brand that offers you a large line of fragrance-free products to help you clean your house without the guilt of using chemicals. Their dishwasher tablets are great as well as their laundry products.

If you need a good carpet and upholstery shampoo option that’s natural and non-toxic then I’d highly recommend you check out the products from Puracy. This company offers products that are pure and free of chemicals.

Eco Me
Looking to clean every area of your home with a green product? Then try this brand, Eco Me. They offer a wide range of cleaning products to get your entire house cleaned from top to bottom. They are most known for having a large commercial go green cleaning line.

JR Watkins
With a company like JR Watkins who’s been around for 150 years plus, you can’t go wrong picking this brand when it comes to looking for a natural, non-toxic, green home cleaning product line. This company is best known for its dish soaps and hand soaps.

Get on board by going green all the way in your household when it comes to Ecos. This company offers pet cleaning products and household cleaning products that are all natural, non-toxic and great for families with pets.

Common Good
Enjoy Common Good for their known quality green home cleaning products that have refillable options. The products you buy from Common Good can be refilled at any of their refill stations worldwide, proving to not only be more natural but also save landfills from packaging.

Bon Ami
While some people opt to use baking soda, others purchase Bon Ami powder cleanser. This natural product offers you a chance to go green when cleaning the home and allows you to get a deeper clean than using baking soda alone.

Buying Skoy Eco-Friendly Cleaning Cloths will help reduce your use of paper towels in the home, considering just one replaces 15 paper towels. This quick-drying cloth can absorb 15 times its weight in fluid and is able to clean just about any surface mess you can try to clean with it.

Get rid of pet urine with UrineOFF Odor And Stain Remover Dog And Puppy Formula that costs only $11 on Amazon. This product is perfect where a pet’s aim isn’t all that great or they have accidents frequently. The formula is ideal for tubs, grout, and toilets as well plus has no harsh chemical ingredients.

Green Home Cleaning Products featured by top US lifestyle blog Sylvie in the Sky

Using products that are natural, non-toxic and green to clean your home provide you with many health benefits. You’ll enjoy purer air in the home as well as saving money in overall home cleaning costs when you switch to natural home cleaning products. Not putting harsh chemicals into the air means that your family will be able to enjoy clean air inside of your home no matter how often you clean.

While my guide of options is pretty extensive, I wanted to share a guide that will help you during the process of finding trusted natural cleaning products. I hope that my list has helped inspire you to look further into switching over to trusted natural cleaning products in your home soon.

Do you currently use non toxic cleaning products? If so, what are some of your favorites you recommend?

Green Home Cleaning Products featured by top US lifestyle blog Sylvie in the Sky

Green Home Cleaning Products featured by top US lifestyle blog Sylvie in the Sky

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