15 Best Peloton Spinning Home Workout Accessories

Peloton Bike by popular San Francisco lifestyle blog, Sylvie in the Sky: image of a woman on a Peloton bike.

Staying active while stuck inside has definitely been a challenge these days, but as I’ve mentioned before, establishing and meeting fitness goals at home is achievable if we have the right mindset. There are so many options for working out at home, but my favorite has been spinning with my Peloton and doing the workouts through the Peloton app. If you don’t have a Peloton bike and are wanting to still reap the benefits of their all time roster of coaches and classes (from Barre Pilates to Running and everything in between – including Meditation!), you can purchase a monthly digital subscription that gives you access to all the on demand workouts for only $12.99/month. There are so many classes and difficulty levels to choose from and the options are truly endless. I love using the Peloton app and my Peloton bike for my weekly workouts, and today I’m sharing my 15 Best Peloton Spinning Home Workout Accessories that are a must for any home cycling workout. Scroll along to learn and shop these favorites, too.

Peloton Bike by popular San Francisco lifestyle blog, Sylvie in the Sky: image of a Peloton Bike sweat towel.

15 Best Peloton Bike Spinning Home Workout Accessories

Peloton bike fans 

If break a serious sweat during your Peloton cycling workouts like yours truly, you’ll love this home workout hack. Fans! Fans everywhere! I have fans all over my workout space and it makes such a difference in my workouts. Personally, I love using a floor fan and a mini fan on the bike. While it may seem a little overboard, it’s totally worth it. I suggest investing in a rotating floor fan, a fan that clips onto the bike, and a neck fan that actually is used as a fan on the Peloton bike handlebars – one of the most popular fan hacks by the Peloton community.


Sweat headband

Again with the sweating, but trust me, it’s going to happen so you’ll want to be prepared. I love working out in headbands that are meant for catching sweat because they help to block any sweat from trickling down into your eyes. My favorites are the ones with rubber grips on the underside because I find that they stay on the best while working out. 

Peloton Bike Small workout towel

You’ll definitely want to make sure you have a small towel nearby to wipe off any sweat as you ride. There are some awesome cooling towels that feel so nice when you’re all hot and sweaty, so I keep those stocked for my Peloton classes.

Heart rate monitor 

Invest in a chest monitor or wrist monitor if you don’t already have one! My Apple Watch tracks this for me already, but I use a chest monitor (mine came with my Peloton bike package), and heard people enjoy wearing the Wireless Fitness Heart Rate Monitor from Scosche Rhythm+ too. I find that wearing these helps to keep me stay within my heart rate zones depending on workout and helps me to track my heart rate improvements as I workout more over time.

Padded cycling shorts

These are a must if you’re into cycling regularly like me. Your booty is going to be sore, so definitely grab some padded shorts to wear when spinning. While they may seem unnecessary, trust me, they’ll rock your world and change your spinning experience for the better. 

Water bottle

Hydration is always the most important part of any physical activity, so it’s good to keep water bottles on hand. Taking a cue from the Peloton coaches, Most Peloton cyclists prefer a water bottle that can squeeze easily into their mouth or easily drink from while working out. I’m still a fan of my stainless steel water bottles but am getting tempted by the squeeze bottle option too. Find what works for you!

Small hand weights

Some Peloton cycling classes and many of the strength and boot camp classes require small dumbbells for arm workouts, so if you’re wanting to do those videos you’ll need to get some hand weights. I’d suggest picking up a set with a stand and 3lb, 5lb, and 8lb weights to allow for muscle growth and switching up weight.

Peloton Bike Indoor cycling mat

I personally like having a mat under my Peloton bike to keep everything on the same level. I also find that having a mat under the bike is good for balance and sustainability.

Foam roller

For any workout, not just Peloton, I’d recommend rolling out your muscles before and after. Peloton offers so many great pre and post workout stretch classes, including some super popular foam rolling classes. Our bodies work so hard during workout and our muscles tend to tighten up, so it’s important to roll out any kinks and stretch out. Not to mention it also feels so amazing!

Yoga mat

What’s really nice about the Peloton system is that there are so many varieties of workouts to try and not all of them require the spin bike. If you’re wanting to experiment with other options, definitely look into getting a good yoga mat. I really like the Peloton Bootcamp workouts because they’re half running or cycling and half floor workouts, so a yoga mat is a must. 


If you are a Peloton app user, I would highly suggest investing in a smart TV to stream Peloton workouts on the TV. Prior to getting the Peloton bike this Summer, I’ve been using the Peloton app with our living room smart TV + our Apple TV and it’s worked wonders for my workout routine. I find that having the workouts on a larger screen than just my phone is so much better for seeing the movements more clearly and make me feel like I’m in an in person class.

Bluetooth headphones

Whether you’re using AirPods, Beats, or value versions from Target, bluetooth headphones are going to be your best friend. There’s nothing more annoying than having a headphone cord dangling around when you’re trying to take a spin class. Bluetooth headphones have been a lifesaver for me (i swear by my AirPods Plus) and make working out so much more convenient and enjoyable.

Electrolyte tablets

It may seem unnecessary, but electrolyte tablets have been a game changer for me and my workouts. I love taking electrolyte tablets before and during every workout to give me a boost of energy to get the work done. Nuun has some really great options for sport tablets that have great ingredients in them and they actually do taste good – lemon lime is my favorite! 

Compression arch socks

Typically, compression socks are used to treat foot swelling and foot pains, but Peloton users across the nation have convinced me that they’re the best for spinning workouts. Compression arch socks are amazing for surrounding the arch of your good to help with form and they help to recover any muscle tension from your workout.

Workout clothes

I find that when I have cute workout clothes on, I am much more motivated to workout. I know this may seem strange, but having clothes that are specifically meant for working out makes it easier for me to want to workout. I love matching sports bra and legging sets, tank tops, and pretty much anything else in the Target athletic wear section. Get some cute clothes and go crush that next workout!!

Now it’s your turn – what are some of your best Peloton bike workout accessories we should check out?

Peloton Bike by popular San Francisco lifestyle blog, Sylvie in the Sky: image of a Peloton bike.

Peloton Bike by popular San Francisco lifestyle blog, Sylvie in the Sky: Pinterest image of a woman on a Peloton bike.

Peloton Bike by popular San Francisco lifestyle blog, Sylvie in the Sky: Pinterest image of a Peloton bike.

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