15+ Best Romantic Honeymoon Cruises For Couples

Romantic Honeymoon Cruises featured by top US travel blogger Sylvie in the Sky

The Love Boat, aka the one and only cruise ship. Cruise Vacations are perfect for couples who love to travel and explore the world but don’t want to spend time in airports or trains/cars/buses in between each destination. Cruise Vacations are also an ideal getaway option for those who prefer to have a pre set travel itinerary and activities / excursions available, or for couples who are too busy to plan a multi city vacation. Today I’m sharing the best romantic Honeymoon Cruises for couples – read more to learn about them all.

Best Romantic Honeymoon Cruises For Couples

Windstar Cruises
Honeymoon Cruise Destinations: Europe, the South Pacific, the Caribbean, and Central America

Enjoy a honeymoon cruise aboard a yacht that goes faster or slower, it all depends on your desires as a couple. Windstar Cruises offers three difference yacht cruise ships that each holds up to 158 or 310 guests, depending on which one you pick.

Couple Perks: Regional wine tasting. Themed cruises to experience your favorite themes of wine, food, or scenic views.
Additional Perks: On-board cooking demonstrations.

Regatta, Oceania Cruises
Honeymoon Cruise Destinations: Africa, Asia, Northern Europe, Canada, and many other destinations.

With ocean views and private terrace, you’ll enjoy a honeymoon cruise when you sail the Regatta. You and your new spouse can enjoy wine tasting and a luxurious spa day all aboard the Regatta. With original art, ocean view rooms and everything to make your honeymoon romantic, you’ll love sailing with Regatta Oceania Cruises.

Couple Perks: Canyon Ranch Spa
Additional Perks: Wine tasting in Regatta’s library

Oceania Cruises
Honeymoon Cruise Destinations: Africa, Alaska, South Pacific, Tahiti, Asia, Canada, New England, and many other destinations.

The most romantic option for a honeymoon cruise where you can start your day off at the spa onboard, and end your day with wine tasting. With nearly a 1 to 5 to 1 ratio, the staff is always readily available to help you enjoy your couples cruise aboard Oceania Cruises every time.

Couple Perks: Wine Tasting experiences.
Additional Perks: Views of native penguins and marine dolphins.

Crystal Serenity, Crystal Cruises
Honeymoon Cruise Destinations: Try their Romantic Riviera Cruise that travels from Monte Carlo, Monaco, and then heads to Cannes, France.

This six-star service cruise ship offers butler service so that you can relax in your room enjoying this romantic cruise ship vacation together. Daily yoga is offered as well as plenty of dining options and offshore excursions.

Couple Perks: Couple’s Yoga. Vintage Wine Tasting.
Additional Perks: Butler service. 6-star rated experience and service overall.

Crystal Cruises
Honeymoon Cruise Destinations: Africa, Alaska, Antarctica, Asia, Australia & New Zealand, Caribbean, Hawaii & South Pacific, Indian Ocean, Mediterranean, Mexican Riviera, Middle East, New England & Canada, Northwest Passage, Panama Canal, South America, Trans-Ocean, and many other destinations.

Travel along the open seas with a smaller ship to experience a more romantic, private honeymoon cruise together. Crystal Cruises ship Crystal Esprit offers a 62 passenger cruise that will provide you and your new spouse a lovely, romantic, low key honeymoon cruise together.

Couple Perks: A stop at Seychelles where the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge honeymooned.
Additional Perks: Butler service, water sports, and all-inclusive dining.

Seven Seas Explorer, Regent Seven Seas Cruises
Honeymoon Cruise Destinations: Cuba, Africa, Mediterranean, Australia, New Zealand, Northern Europe, and other destinations around the world.

This is the perfect cruise for couples who enjoy an adventure. Seven Seas Explorer, Regent Seven Seas Cruises offers a chance to gather offshore ingredients at a local port stop and then bring those ingredients onboard to experience a lesson in cooking.

Couple Perks: Cooking lessons using ingredients found locally. Romantic stops in Latin America.
Additional Perks: Adventurous excursions to the Mayan Temples.

Celebrity Cruises
Honeymoon Cruise Destinations: Alaska, Caribbean, and Europe

Sailing with the theory that good food should be fabulous no matter where you travel; Celebrity Cruises offers newlyweds the perfect honeymoon cruise option. With three high-end ships to choose from; Solstice, Millennium, and Xpedition this cruise line knows how to help a couple enjoy their honeymoon.

Couple Perks: “A Taste of Film” dinner event or dine at your own restaurant to eat lighter during your honeymoon.
Additional Perks: Spa, and lounge area.

Silversea Cruises
Honeymoon Cruise Destinations: North and South Poles, Southeast Asia, the Russian Far East, Australia’s Kimberley Coast, Central, and South America, and the western coast of Africa.

A cruise line that’s still owned and operated by a Rome family, Silversea Cruises is one of the best cruises for couples looking to get away from it all and experience luxury and relaxation. Silversea Cruises have 3 expedition ships that are specifically geared towards honeymooners or couples looking for a romantic cruise option.

Couple Perks: 3 ships that focus on a honeymoon style cruise experience.
Additional Perks: Elegant European vibe.

Royal Caribbean International
Honeymoon Cruise Destinations: Bahamas, Caribbean, Havana Caribbean and a few other destinations are available on their website.

The Royal Caribbean offers you a chance to experience a big kid style honeymoon cruise. With 25 mega ships to choose from and a Bionic Bar where you can get cocktails from robotic bartenders, the Royal Caribbean International offers newlyweds a fun honeymoon cruise vacation.

Couple Perks: Casino, trattoria-style cuisine at celebrity chef Jamie Oliver’s Italian restaurant.
Additional Perks: Broadway worthy performances. Bionic Bar.

Emerald Princess, Princess Cruises
Honeymoon Cruise Destinations: Alaska, Asia, Australia & New Zealand, California & Pacific Coast, Canada & New England, Caribbean, Europe, Hawaii, Japan, and many other destination options.

Enjoy endless entertainment aboard Emerald Princess, Princess Cruises. This ship is amazing in that it offers a casino, entertainment for hours, and many shopping options for the couples who enjoy entertainment over relaxation.

Couple Perks: Hawaiian Island Cruise package offers a honeymoon style cruise vacation for couples.
Additional Perks: Saltwater pools.

Viking Sky, Viking Ocean Cruises
Honeymoon Cruise Destinations: In search of Northern Lights Tour, Viking homelands, Venice, Cuba, and many other destinations suitable for couple’s romance.

This cruise ship only holds 930 people which means you won’t feel crowded when you opt to take this best honeymoon cruise. Enjoy the view of snow-capped Nordic mountains while cruising on Viking Sky. Every room has a private balcony so that you can enjoy a little romantic break away from the rest of the ships options.

Couple Perks: Private balcony in every room.
Additional Perks: Witness the Northern Lights. Botanical Garden experience in the Arctic Circle.

American Queen, American Queen Steamboat Company
Honeymoon Cruise Destinations: Columbia River, Mississippi River, Ohio River, Tennessee River, and Cumberland River.

Enjoy the American Victorian Era aboard the American Queen, American Queen Steamboat Company with this best cruise for couple’s option. This cruise ship boasts that it provides superb southern hospitality and comfort for your entire cruise vacation.

Couple Perks: Onboard jazz and blues concert to get the romance going.
Additional Perks: Ability to experience a cruise without traveling internationally.

Costa neoRomantica, Costa Cruises
Honeymoon Cruise Destinations: Greek Islands, South America, Canary Island, Caribbean, Norway, Europe, and many other destinations.

Hop aboard a ship that’s meant to spark all the love during a honeymoon cruise. The setting is perfect for the couple’s looking to celebrate their special union of marriage. Costa neoRomantica, Costa Cruises has cozy wine bars and options to dance the night away with your love when you book this cruise vacation.

Couple Perks: Couples massage at Samsara Spa. Disco for couples.
Additional Perks: Halassotherapy pools. Oceanfront dining.

Zuiderdam, Holland America Line
Honeymoon Cruise Destinations: Bahamas, Aruba, Cartagena, and Costa Rica

This is the perfect cruise ship experience for couples who want to have a honeymoon celebrating and enjoying the arts. With hands-on cooking experiences and a blues club onboard, you and your love will surely enjoy the fabulous experience aboard Zuiderdamn, Holland American Line.

Couple Perks: Romantic beach getaway in the Bahamas or Aruba.
Additional Perks: America’s Test Kitchen. Blues Club.

REI Adventures Cruising
Honeymoon Cruise Destinations: Northern and Western Galapagos.

If you’re looking to push yourself outside of your comfort zone then this adventurous cruise is the best option for you as a couple. You get to experience the unknown together on this adventure cruise that allows you to encounter wildlife closer than you’ve ever experienced.

Couple Perks: Snorkeling, hiking. Private time to explore.
Additional Perks: Safari Island adventures.

Azamara Club Cruises
Honeymoon Cruise Destinations: Panama Canal, Africa, Alaska, Asia, Northern & Western Europe as well as many other destinations that larger cruise ships can’t port in.

Allowing couples to experience many places in a short amount of time, Azamara Club Cruises prides itself in offering more location stops than other cruise lines while still offering full day and sometimes overnight experiences for couples to enjoy each stop.

Couple Perks: Destination Immersion Program.
Additional Perks: Able to enjoy smaller areas that larger cruise ships won’t fit.

With so many incredible options, it’s hard to pick just one cruise for your honeymoon cruise. I hope you take a moment to learn more about each of these wonderfully romantic honeymoon cruises so that you and your partner can pick the perfect one that gives you the most special experience as a newly married couple.

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