28 Positive Habits That Transformed My Life

Positive Habits featured by top US life and style blogger Sylvie in the Sky; Image of a woman walking on the beach.

“I believe a strong woman may be stronger than a man, particularly if she happens to have love in her heart. I guess a loving woman is indestructible.” – John Steinbeck

These past few weeks I’ve been focusing on filling my heart and space with much more love and light. In turn, I’ve found that embracing new positive habits instantly changed my life for the better. Today I want to share these awesome and achievable 28 positive habits that transformed my life into a happier, healthier, love filled space, and hopefully inspire you to reclaim more love and light into your lives as well. Start small, stay consistent, and you’ll soon see and feel the change, too.

Positive Habits featured by top US life and style blogger Sylvie in the Sky; Image of a woman sitting on the beach.

28 Positive Habits That Transformed My Life

1. Start my morning with a gratitude meditation

2. Wake up earlier each day, greeting my kids with a smile and a hug (instead of rushing them because we’re running late and snapping from stress)

3. Make the conscious choice to focus on the small wins every day, and the lessons learned from the failures.


5. Say hello and smile to people I come across during my day.

6. Get outside, even for 5 minutes.

7. Thank my team, teachers, and anyone else that has helped me during the day.

8. Cleanse my spiritual space of toxic energy – letting go of people who have failed to support me with love and encouragement (filling our interactions with negativity instead). This is a big one that I have really focused on lately, as I’ve realized friendships and relationships change and we shouldn’t hold on just because of history. And since focusing on this, I have felt so much lighter and happier.

9. LAUGH more. Laugh often.

10. Workout and break a sweat. Get the heart rate up and the body active on a consistent basis.

11. Listen to my favorite feel good music. Some days this is French Jazz, other days it’s hip hop, pop, country, folk rock, and more.

12. Fill my proverbial cup with life lessons and wisdom from my favorite podcasts – life coaches, inspirational icons, and more.

13. Let go of the negativity – the grudges, the frustrations, the disappointments. Turn these negative perspectives into positive ones: replace unfulfilling, toxic relationships with fulfilling, happy ones, flip frustration and disappointment into growth opportunities.

14. Live life in color – find the happy colors, calming and soothing colors, heart filling colors I love most and add more of them to my daily life. A rainbow heart sticker on my laptop, a periwinkle blue cozy sweater, lavender glitter nail polish, electric pink lipstick, neon friendship bracelets – small or big, seeing my happy colors keeps me afloat.

15. DANCE! In my living room with the kids, in my favorite hip hop dance class, by myself with my all time best dance playlist blasting, for the ultimate date night, and anywhere else in between.

16. Travel, near or far, to new places. Immerse myself and expand my heart and mind in the process.

17. Nourish my body with food that makes me feel my best.

18. Drink more water and kombucha and tea. Drink less alcohol.

19. Walk on the beach or by the beach as often as possible.

20. Fill the air with my happy scents – a bright citrus fruit bowl, coconut tropical candles, lavender diffuser oils, rosemary sprigs in bud vases.

21. Journal my thoughts of gratitude and happiness and love daily, even if it’s one sentence or a few words.

22. Live in the NOW. Focus on being present and connected in every situation.

23. No more excuses. No more victim mindset. Own my mistakes, apologize, and recognize the lesson that will make me a better human.

24. Turn fear and intimidation into life changing opportunities.

25. Reach for the Brass Ring. Break down dean goals that feel impossible into bite sized tasks that get us closer to our goals.

26. Bedtime ritual of @sajewellness essential oils, gratitude meditation, and nighttime intentions.

27. 8 hours of restorative, healthy sleep a night.

28. Commit to the PRACTICE of love. As @theangrytherapist says, love isn’t a natural way of feeling or being, it’s a practice that we must commit to practicing, sometimes with a lot of effort, every day. I must make choices that help me love more, and seeing love in this new light has given me a path to making sure I love and feel love more every day, and T & O grow up witnessing this practice of love, too.

What are some positive habits you want to practice more of this week? What are your positive habits that have shaped your life for the better? Share them with us in the comments! I’d love to hear them all. ❤️

Here’s to more positive habits and more love in our hearts.

Positive Habits featured by top US life and style blogger Sylvie in the Sky; Image of a woman sitting on the beach.

Positive Habits featured by top US life and style blogger Sylvie in the Sky

Positive Habits featured by top US life and style blogger Sylvie in the Sky

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