5 Health Benefits of Walking

Have you thought of ways to add more physical activity to your day? Walking is a great way to start becoming more active! It’s free and doesn’t require any equipment. I have challenged myself to go on a walk for at least 30 minutes a day, and I’ve seen a vast improvement in my mind and body. Keep on reading to find out more about the health benefits of walking. 

5 Health Benefits of Walking

Eases joint pain

A low-impact exercise, such as walking, helps increase blood flow to the cartilage, which helps provide the nutrients needed to cushion and protect bones in your joints. Walking helps protect joints, while running is putting pressure on your joints. Many different studies have shown that walking has benefits to helping joint pain and arthritis. Walking up to five or six miles a day may help steer away from arthritis- strengthening your joints and muscles. 

Improves your mood

Walking may help improve your anxiety, depression, and negative mood altogether. Getting out of your home and walking can help clear your mind and help boost your self-esteem. I love taking 30 minutes out of my day to go on a walk to help clear my mind if I have a lot going on- sometimes my kids like to join, that helps put me in a good mood!

Tone your legs

Walking can help build and strengthen your leg muscles. Living in hilly San Francisco, I constantly walk up enormous hills, which have seriously helped tone my leg muscles. If you’re nowhere near hills, jump onto your treadmill at a gym or home and walk at an incline- it’s intense but a great alternative to running.

Supports your immune system

Recently everyone is prioritizing their immune system and staying healthy. A great way to support your immune system, believe it or not, is walking! Making time for a walk sometime in your day can benefit your immune system by aiding immune cells to conduct effectively- like increasing blood flow, de-stressing, and strengthening anti-bodies.

Helps your digestive system

Turning to a walk instead of coffee can help stimulate your digestive system the same way a cup of coffee would. Regular walking routines can seriously improve your bowel movements. When walking, you’re using your core and abdominal muscles to help you move, which in the end, really helps your digestive system. 

Improves your sleep cycle

Exercise and walking are associated with decreased stress and overall physical well-being, which helps sleep better at night. I’ve noticed a significant change in my sleep cycle after exercising for at least 30 minutes a day- I no longer wake up in the middle of the night wide awake, and I fall fast asleep after laying down for sleep. 

Start small, stay consistent, and you’ll be able to tell the benefits of walking in your life as well. Are you planning to take on walking consistently? I’d love to hear the positive benefits of walking in the comments. 

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