BEST PRODUCTIVITY APPS featured by top US lifestyle blogger Sylvie in the Sky

Focus. Efficiency. Productivity. Most of us aim to improve all of these metrics in our lives every year. In a brave new world of too much to do and endless distractions, our multitasking methods have proven to work against us. Studies highlight the mental health consequences of multitasking and just like that, mono tasking is the best way to work. And as a working mom of 2 (with my day job and my blog job to boot), I’m guilty of trying to do too many things at once, leaving me with mediocre results and a perpetual feeling of stress. But recently, I’ve found support and guidance from 8 of the best productivity apps for smart phones. These are the best productivity apps for my demanding days, and I definitely see my productivity improvement since I started using them. Read more about the best productivity apps out now and make the change you need to feel focused, motivated, and inspired every day.

BEST PRODUCTIVITY APPS featured by top US lifestyle blogger Sylvie in the Sky


  1. HEADSPACE: How does a meditation app land on the list of the best productivity apps? Headspace offers an impressive variety of meditation tracks – Focus and Productivity being two of them that I use every morning to get me in an efficient state of mind.
  2. EVERNOTE: For my notebook toting friends, this app is for you. Evernote is the ultimate notebook, file folder, catch all place for ALL my things. From random inspiration notes to my daily digital notebook of every work meeting, My life would be tragically misled without Evernote.
  3. NOTION: The super duper digital to do list. I’ve loved Notion for years – scheduling due dates and reminders, tagging, creating team assignment lists, AND a desktop friendly version while I’m at work.
  4. FOREST: This app takes the Pomodoro Timer to the next level by restricting any phone screen time. This task timer includes a tree that grows as you work uninterrupted on your task. BUT, if you close the Forest app to respond to a text message or scroll through Instagram, your virtual tree instantly dies.
  5. GOOGLE DRIVE: The virtual workspace, whenever, wherever. Google Drive houses all my works in progress. Blog post drafts, Article Outlines. Video Storyboards. Keyword Lists. Editorial Calendars. Trip planners. Having all my work in the cloud allows me to work anytime, anywhere.
  6. DRAFTS: I’ve gotten the hang of Voice Text Messages, but I’m determined to master Voice Type Blogging this year. The Drafts app has an impressive Apple Watch app with crazy accurate voice to text. I wrote 2/3 of my Celery Juice health benefits blog post on my Apple Watch as I walked downtown to run an errand. Amazing!
  7. CANVA: Photoshop who? Canva’s user friendly design templates for ANYTHING – social media, presentations, reports, and anything in between – let’s us whip up beautiful designs for our work in a matter of minutes. I actually prefer to do my Canva design work (these graphics in this post were made in Canva) on my phone! Best part? It’s free!
  8. IFTTT: IFTTT stands for “If This Then That.” And it’s the most magical automation app ever. Automation has helped me be more productive because it cuts out a LOT of manual tasks I had to do before. Repost this, email that, save this here, post this message. IFTTT kills lots of birds with one stone, and it keeps getting better every day.

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  1. thanks for sharing! I’ve heard a lot from IFTTT, but im not sure it’s for me. Will check out the others tho <3

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  2. Richard Hicks wrote:

    I will have to check out some of these apps

    Posted 1.24.19 Reply
  3. Deborah Pickering wrote:

    Wow! I did not know these apps existed. i have been using my phone all wrong! 🙂

    Posted 1.23.19 Reply