9 Health Benefits of Indoor Plants

Plant aficionados, rejoice – indoor plants (aka house plants) continue to rise in popularity since its surge in March 2020 (aka the beginning of quarantine), and they haven’t slowed down one bit. The indoor plant trend has birthed a booming community of plant lovers, aka Plant Mamas & Plant Papas, who are avid collectors and nurturers of all plant things. Plant newbies are turning to social media for all the plant care questions, one of them being “What are the benefits of my new indoor plants?”. That’s right, your plants aren’t just pretty to look at, but they have some valuable health benefits too. Below you can find some of my all-time favorite indoor plant benefits, and why I keep them all around my house.

9 Health Benefits of Indoor Plants

Better air quality

Plants work in the opposite way humans do, as they release oxygen and take in carbon dioxide. This release of oxygen improves the quality of the air in the room it’s in!

Reduced stress levels

Studies have shown time and time again that indoor plants reduce anxiety, as well as psychological and physiological stress levels. They have even found that indoor plants can have a positive effect on your brain’s electrical activity!

Allergy relief

As the air quality improves, the plants also pull out pollutants that cause you to sneeze, itch, or have reactions. If you’re an allergy-sufferer, try looking into the best air purifying plants for your space! 

Mood Booster

Nature is always associated with soothing feelings, and your indoor plant is included! Even one indoor plant can help improve your mood, calm anxiety, and relax your mind. 

Better sleep

As previously stated, plants work in the opposite way as humans. This releasing of oxygen allows us to breathe better, which then enables us to fall asleep faster!

Increased productivity and focus

Placing indoor plants around your workspace can have a positive effect on your productivity levels, as well as keeping you focused. They have even been said to increase creativity and problem-solving skills! 

Optimized humidity levels

Whether your home’s humidity levels are too high, or too low, there are health issues that can occur at both levels! Luckily, indoor plants can save the day (again!). There are plants that work to level out your humidity levels, creating a healthier environment for your lungs! 

Increased recovery rates

There are tons of studies that show the direct correlation between having visible plants in a recovery room and faster recovery rates! Next time you’re sick or hurt, give an indoor plant the chance to help you!

Sick Building Syndrome Prevention

Generally, Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) is a syndrome associated with the health concerns that people develop after being inside too long. The concerns typically include headaches, nausea, and dizziness. These issues can arise from poor ventilation, poor lighting, dust, and other problems that can be seen as the building being “sick”. If this is an issue, indoor plants can help relieve some of the symptoms of SBS through air purification. They also create an environment that is “similar” to the outdoors. Remember to get out often and enjoy the real outdoors, though!

Do you have a green thumb? If not, there are plenty of resources online that can help you every step of the way. I want to know all about your favorite indoor plants, so leave me a comment below! 

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