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    Sylvie in the Sky is a lifestyle blog about a left coast family, their beach-side home, and their everyday California style. From fashion to fitness to weekend and travel adventures with their little boy Thelonious and twelve-year old pembroke welsh corgi, Napoleon, Sylvie in the Sky shares the ways to live an easy, stylish, westside lifestyle.

    Born in the City of Angels and residing in the City by the Bay, Sylvie is a decorated fashion vet, savvy tech marketing exec, dreamy lifestyle writer and a determined mama, wife, daughter & pal. She thanks her lucky stars to live in a city filled with homemade ice cream shops, movie nights in the park, majestic beaches, legendary record stores, and magical vintage bookshops.

    In Sylvie’s world, the best clothes outlast trends & seasons, layering is a mastered art, & the perfect red lipstick is the best accessory. Awesome days involve stellar soundtracks, offbeat indie films,  magnificent stories, Garrison Keillor, & spontaneous living room dance parties.


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    1. 03/23/2017 / 8:09 pm

      Nice to have come across your blog through IG! I can’t help but point out the fun similarities! I also did a So Cal to Nor Cal move (Long Beach -> East Bay) and my hubby/son/and I also have a corgi! Really nice to have found your insta & blog. Thanks for the follow! Take care!

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