all hail the king

“here’s to music that stirs the soul.”
silver lining no.17

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summer concert season is officially here! it’s going to be a fierce season, a dizzying string of my favorite bands have made my city by the bay a pit stop on their tours. and it’s outside land’s sophomore season. woo!

i couldn’t have kicked off my summer any other way than with the show of one of my beloved bands of the moment, kings of leon.

front row, guitar and drum beats booming and caleb’s smoky voice swirling in our ears, it was a fantastic, thrilling show.

weeks later, i’m reliving the memories as i blast their tunes in my car, headphones, office….and this little blog too.

here’s to music that stirs the soul.


“Kings of Leon’s…Only by the Night is long on astral, arena-ready largeness, with blippy keyboards, droney guitars and whoa-oh-oh backing vocals. Frontman Caleb Followill cranks up his Allman Brothers howl, turning out big choruses with sometimes tough-to-parse lyrics and deep-feeling melodies…when the Kings find a gussied-up groove with teeth — like the effects-laden Zeppelin stomp of “Crawl” or the pulsating, New Wave “Sex on Fire” — they sound like rock heroes experiencing the joy of well-manicured sound.
rolling stone


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