band leader

i need music like i need air….water…food.

and while my ipod is chock full of thousands of songs, artists and genres of music that i enjoy…..there are a handful of bands that i wholeheartedly adore.

these albums i love and listen all the way through and back again….
their lyrics imprinted in my memory…..
and the songs i carry close to my heart.

today’s post is dedicated to one of them.

band of horses.

“This South Carolina-based indie-rock band’s swirling, dreampop-like musical backing, ragged Neil Young influences and tenor vocals initially drew comparisons to fellow Southern-based indie rockers My Morning Jacket. Multi-instrumentalists Ben Bridwell and Mat Brooke formed the group in Seattle in 2004….and after releasing the Tour EP to glowing reviews, Band of Horses signed with indie label Sub Pop and recorded Everything All the Time. {In 2006} Bridwell with the lineup of Rob Hampton on bass and Creighton Barrett on drums moved Band of Horses to his native South Carolina….where they recorded the fuller-sounding Cease to Begin at a studio in nearby Asheville, North Carolina.

{cease to begin}
“For those who prefer their indie rock with a big dose of beauty, look no further than South Carolina’s Band of Horses. Like their equally crystalline debut, Cease to Begin is long on dreamlike, rootsy songs that top churning guitars with glacially pretty, reverb-slathered vocals. “The General Specific” and “Detlef Schrempf” are as tuneful as almost any song you’ll hear this year….Cease to Begin is expertly made — the indie-rock equivalent of a box of gourmet truffles or a designer wool sweater to take the edge off a frigid day.”

–, october 18th, 2007

so sit back…..take in….and {hopefully} enjoy.

* * * * * * * * *

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