10 Best Baby Proofing Products for Every Home

10 Best Baby Proofing Products for Every Home by popular San Francisco mom blog, Sylvie in the Sky: image of a toddler girl sitting on a wood bench.

As a mom of 2, I’ve lived through and actually am currently living through the curious, climbing, thrill seeking phase of toddlerhood. Living in a home with a baby who opens every cabinet, turns every knob, runs instead of walks, climbs instead of sits, is stressful and maddening and dangerous if the home isn’t baby proofed. I have that toddler right now – the one that tries to open the cabinets with the cleaning products, turns the knobs on the stove, sprints from one room to the other, climbs and leaps off furniture – and the only thing that gives me peace of mind is the extra safety steps we made to thoroughly baby proof our home. I’ve rounded up all the best baby proofing products we use at home in today’s post, to keep your babies and toddlers safe in every room of the house.

10 Best Baby Proofing Products for Every Home by popular San Francisco mom blog, Sylvie in the Sky: image of a mom standing next to her toddler age daughter who is climbing on to a wooden bench.

10 Best Baby Proofing Products for Every Home


Best Baby Proofing Products No.1:

Baby Safety Gates

Every home needs a baby safety gate as the most basic level of baby proofing. The type of baby safety gate needed depends on the room and location. We have this retractable gate over the top of the stairs, and we’ve used the same one for seven years and it’s still going strong! We use a more classic swing gate to block of the kitchen when I’m cooking, and we have a removable, adjustable tension gate for any room we want to keep the tiny humans contained.

Best Baby Proofing Products No.2:

Electrical Outlet Covers

Another must have baby proofing safety product is a set of electrical outlet covers. We have the most simple kind of circular cover that plugs up any unused outlet, but the types of electrical outlet covers out there are endless.

Best Baby Proofing Products No.3:

Anti Tip Furniture Safety Straps

Please, please, please secure your furniture before the baby starts crawling. This is a serious, real thing that happens far too often and could easily be avoided by just harnessing all heavy furniture to the walls. TVs, dressers, bookcases – anything with the ability to tip over needs to be secured.

Best Baby Proofing Products No.4:

Corner Guards & Edge Guards

Toddlers climb and bump into everything, and keeping sharp corners and edges covered with edge and corner safety guards is easy and saved my kids from hundreds of bruises.

Best Baby Proofing Products No.5:

Stove Knob Covers

Theo never attempted to turn our gas stove knobs, but Olive always does and it stresses me out! These stove safety knobs are a must for every kitchen.

Best Baby Proofing Products No.6:

Toilet Lock

Baby proofing safety tip – always keep your bathroom door closed when not in use. But sometimes we forget, and having a toilet lock to keep our babies safe (toilets are actually super dangerous if left unattended to young babies), is the next best thing.

Best Baby Proofing Products No.7:

Cabinet Locks

Cleaning products, sharp objects, and all the other things that can be harmful if in the hands of any kid – keep them locked away with a simple cabinet lock. We use the kind that locks the 2 cabinet handles together, and the kids schools tend to use the magnetic locks.

Best Baby Proofing Products No.8:

Door Knob Covers

Olive and Theo looooooove opening doors. But there are some rooms not suited for little kids – storage rooms, closets, laundry rooms, garages, balcony doors, and more. These door knob covers keep kids from opening doors into these unsafe rooms, and give us a little more peace of mind.

Best Baby Proofing Products No.9:

Freezer & Refrigerator Locks

Olive loves opening our freezer door, since it’s on the bottom, but it’s not a place I want her hanging out. Using a refrigerator and freezer lock helps keep kids out


Best Baby Proofing Products No.10:

Window Shades & Blinds Cord Cover

I never realized something as innocent as the cords to our window shades and blinds could be so dangerous to babies and kids. But they are, and keeping them out of reach with a simple cord cover is all we need.

10 Best Baby Proofing Products for Every Home by popular San Francisco mom blog, Sylvie in the Sky: image of a toddler age girl holding a Elmo doll.


Shop all our best baby proofing safety products below, and tell us the baby proofing products you can’t live without during this toddler season – I’m taking notes!

What do you think are some of the best baby proofing products? Let me know in a comment below!

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