Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Kids

Blue Light Glasses by popular San Francisco motherhood blog, Sylvie in the Sky: image of a young boy wearing a pair of blue light glasses.

One of my favorite tips to offer to anyone working from home or in front of a computer all day is to get a pair of blue light glasses. It may seem unnecessary, but trust me… they make a HUGE difference. Have you ever noticed your eyes feeling dry or tired after a long time of staring at a screen? This product is specially designed and crafted to filter out any blue light from screens you are looking at. They help to protect your eyes and can even reduce retina damage!

While I know this product helps me in more ways than I could ever express to you all, they are now helping out my kids eye health as they are about to start their virtual schooling. Us parents have got to stick together during this time because we all know how wild this transition is going to be for our kids… and for us. I have been encouraging T to wear his blue light blocking glasses as much as possible, but especially when they’re in front of any digital screen, so that we can practice wearing them more often to get ready for the upcoming start of our online distance learning.

Blue Light Glasses by popular San Francisco motherhood blog, Sylvie in the Sky: image of a young boy sitting in a chair next to a open laptop and wearing a pair of blue light glasses.

Best Blue Light Glasses for Kids

I’ve rounded up the best blue light blocking glasses for kids that are cute, cool, and sure to protect your kids from any eye strain from screens. After doing some experimenting with my kids and our options, I think it’s safe to say that our younger generations like fun, quirky glasses…or ones that make them think they’re Harry Potter. Don’t worry, I found some equally cool and simple options, too.

Mama Bear Tip:

Let your kids help pick out their blue light glasses. They’ll definitely want to wear them often if they get to help out with the picking process!

BLUBlox Kids

Our family’s blue light blocking glasses pick, and in my opinion, the best blue light blocking glasses for kids. With cool and classic frames and advanced lens technology BLUblox has your health and style front of mind. The BluLite Computer glasses collection is available in non-prescription, prescription and reading magnification options for adults and kids. These BLUblox blue light blocking glasses are an investment purchase with their premium price point, but the quality and design make it worth it.


CALMOPTICS™ Blue light blocking glasses are designed to protect kid eyes in today’s digital world. With playful pop colored frames and a wallet friendly price (they also have a great bundled price option!), it’s a no brainer and we to digital screen induced headaches & eye fatigue.

Zenni Optical

Zenni Optical’s BLOKZ blue light blocking lenses make any of their super cute frames – seriously, there are so many awesome ones – blue light blocking glasses just by upgrading the lenses. Another budget friendly option for babies, toddlers, kids, teens, and adults.

RaOptics Kids

Ra Optics, named for the Egyptian god of the sun, of natural light, medicine, and health, was founded by Matt Maruca after enduring years of headaches and health issues. These top-quality blue light blocking lenses in modern inspired frames are hand-made from durable lightweight materials. Like BLUBlox, RaOptics premium hand made design and materials make it an higher priced option, but worth it as many well known celebs and wellness icons consider RaOptics their favorite.

Felix Gray

Made from premium materials, like Italian acetate and German Engineered Monel, Felix Gray blue light blocking glasses are cool, luxe options for kids and adults. Felix Gray blue light blocking glasses feature a special polarization so your screen is never distorted.

Swannies Kids

The difference between a good pair of blue light blocking glasses and a great pair is all in the details. CR-39 prescription grade lenses w protective coating, anti glare, and better clarity plus spring hinges for extra comfort and improved fit are just a few of the features that set Swannies Kids blue light blocker lenses from the rest.

Foster Grant

In 1929, Sam Foster sold his first pair of sunglasses on the Atlantic City boardwalk, and since then Foster Grant has become an iconic and trusted American Eyewear Brand that offers modern classic eyewear for all ages, including blue light blocking glasses for kids. I love the playful pop colored frames for the kiddos, and the price point ($20!) can’t be beat.

DefenderShield Kids

DefenderShield Kids Blue Light Blocking Glasses are wallet friendly, made of durable silicone rubber frames in kid approved styles, with shatterproof, anti-glare CR-90 lenses. DefenderShield is a trusted brand focused on reducing blue light and EMF exposure, and their blue light blocking kids glasses are exactly that.

Fitz Frames

Ok so these might be the coolest blue light blocking kids glasses on the block, and here’s why – with the Fitz Frames app, you can try on their fun frames, pick an awesome color, get virtually measured, the selected frames are custom made using 3-D lasers and 3-D printing, and then you have a perfect fitting, made for your kid pair of blue light blocking kids glasses.

Barner Brand

Based in Barcelona, Barner was founded in early 2017 by two friends. Barner is named after Barcelona, or “Barna”, to the locals. After 2 successful fundraising events, Barner blue light blocking glasses protect over 15,000 people across 81 countries. I’m a big fan of Barcelona anything and Barner’s super cool product definitely live up to the hype – modern classic designs (I need to get T the Le Marais round frames since he’s a huge Harry Potter fan!), and fun primary colors.


Pixel set out to design a product that was timeless in style and highly effective filtering out harsh blue light without distorting color perception. Pixel has some of the prettiest crystal frames in an array of eye catching shades (and they sell out often!), plus their nanotechnology coating that keep lenses clean and scratch free.


Protecting eyes from blue light since 2007, GUNNAR’s collection of blue light blocking glasses covers the entire family. GUNNAR offers 4 types of blue light blocking lenses, with varying protection power depending on your needs – clear lenses block 35% of blue light and amber tinted lenses block 65% of blue light.

Blue Light Glasses by popular San Francisco motherhood blog, Sylvie in the Sky: Pinterest image of a young boy wearing a pair of blue light glasses.

Blue Light Glasses by popular San Francisco motherhood blog, Sylvie in the Sky: Pinterest image of a young boy wearing a pair of blue light glasses.

Do your kids use blue light glasses?  Let me know in a comment below!

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