Best Family Gift Guide Under $40

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Family Time. This year has been a whole lot of things for all of us, and if I’m taking the “glass half full” angle, this year has emphasized how much love I have for my family, both together under the same roof and apart. So as we kick off this 2020 Holiday season, I’m focused on gifts that brought my family together this year, both physically and virtually, and that will continue to bring us together in 2021. Gifts take on a whole new meaning for me this Holiday, and with a smaller budget to shop with, I want to share my best family gift guide under $40 to make gift shopping a little easier this year. Putting together our family gifts are easier than ever thanks to Walmart’s Holiday Gift Finder, which has fun gift ideas for every budget and every person we’re shopping for. Scroll along to see and shop the best family holiday gift guide picks under $40 below.

Best Family Gift Guide Under $40

Classic Board Games

At the beginning of the year, our family owned 2 board games. By the end of this year, we own 10 board games and counting. I loved teaching the kids how to play classic board games I grew up playing (Monopoly, LIFE, Chess, Checkers) and learning new board games together. We play these on the weekends, after dinner, at weekends getaways, and anytime in between. A fun screen-free activity for all ages, with new, feel-good memories that we’ll always hold close.


Warm Winter Socks

Playful, funny, wacky and warm winter socks are one of my favorite family gifts to give and get. For the little ones, I look for cozy socks with the grips at the bottom to avoid the slip and sliding, and there are some warm sock/slipper hybrids that are my slipper choice for the coldest winter nights.


Hot Chocolate Kits

Homemade hot chocolate is one of our favorite family desserts after any winter dinner. Putting together a thoughtful gift box of extra special hot chocolate, mugs, and fun marshmallows is a sweet way to celebrate the holidays for every home.


Bluetooth Speakers

For the music loving families in your life, a cute, portable bluetooth speaker is a must gift. We tote our bluetooth speaker to beach days, backyard for bbqs, ski weekends, and lazy picnic days, so we can play, sing, and dance along to our favorite songs together.

Cozy Throw Blankets

A family can never have too many warm blankets as gifts. We keep blankets in baskets in the family room that we curl up under during movie nights, stash a few in the trunk of our van for drive in movie nights, and let’s not forget how important blankets are for the all important kid fort making! Last year, we gifted all our friends this superset cozy pom pom throw blanket and it was a big hit. This year, we’ll look for something equally soft and snuggle worthy for our favorite families.

Family Cooking Kits

Another bright side of this year at home has been the family memories we’ve made in our kitchen. Prior to this year, the hubs cooked once a year (Thanksgiving), and we ordered delivery a LOT. Now, the hubs is clocking 2+ meals a week in the kitchen, I’ve leveled up my dinners and desserts, and our almost 8 year old, T, is our prep chef! So this holiday, we want to help our favorite families to make their own kitchen memories with family cooking gift sets – from bread making boxes to make your own pasta nights, we think these family cooking kits are fun and helpful for every home.

What are some of your favorite family gifts you’ve given or received that we should check out this holiday season? Share them with us in the comments below, and let us know what gifts you found from Walmart’s Gift Finder this season!

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