6 Best Natural Cold Remedies for Kids

Natural Cold Remedies for Kids featured by top US mom blogger Sylvie in the Sky

The cold season generally runs from winter and into April. This timeframe is when kids are most likely to catch a cold and get sick. This cold season has brought about many illnesses for children, especially RSV, norovirus, ear infections, and pneumonia. T and O were sick with every possible cold season virus this season, and we spent most of our Winter in urgent care, the pediatrician, and at home nursing these kiddos back to health.

Many parents, like me, want to ease the discomfort of cold symptoms but are reluctant to purchase just any over the counter remedy. If you’re a parent who wants to know some of the best natural cold remedies for kids, then you’ve come to the right place. Today I’m featuring the tried and true natural cold remedies for kids our family swears by so that you can ease the pain of the common cold or ear infection for your child without putting any harsh ingredients into their little bodies.

Natural Cold Remedies for Kids featured by top US mom blogger Sylvie in the Sky

6 Best Natural Cold Remedies for Kids

Elderberry Syrup

Elderberry syrup is something that natural medicine gurus have sworn by for the common cold. This natural cold remedy for kids offers protection for your child’s immune system. With vitamins A, B and C Elderberry syrup has been known to help boost your child’s immunity so that they can fight off the common cold or flu. My entire family takes elderberry syrup during the cold season to keep the viruses at bay.

Honey (12 months and older)

Honey has many properties that help your child with a sore throat during cough and cold season. Honey can reduce nighttime coughing as well to help your child sleep better. Offering your child just 2 teaspoons per day, before bed if suffering from nighttime cough, will help reduce the symptoms of your kids cold. Be sure to purchase natural honey in order to gain the most benefit. Babies younger than 12 months cannot take honey, however, so keep that in mind!

Steam Sits

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to help ease the symptoms of the common cold with kids is to steam up a bathroom and have your child sit in the steam. You simply put your bath or shower on super-hot, do not put the child in this hot of water temperature, and allow your child to sit in a closed room such as the bathroom breathing in this steam for 10-15 minutes. Steam helps to loosen congestion associated with the common cold, and is done a few times a day when the kids are sick and congested. We also use this awesome steam inhaler as well.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

There are many essential oils available to help with healing from various illnesses and such, but not all are child-friendly. You may use eucalyptus essential oil on babies and children to help relieve respiratory congestion. Be sure that you’re getting an all-natural essential oil when using it for this purpose. As a parent, you want to use as natural as possible options to help your child cope with the common cold without adding any more problems to their health.

Saline Nose Drops + Nosefrieda

Saline nasal drops have been used by many parents to help ease the congestion that comes with the common cold. We use saline drops in conjunction with the infamous Nosefrida to remove as much mucus from T and O’s noses when they haven’t learned to properly blow their nose. Removing mucus helps prevent more serious post cold complications like RSV, bronchiolitis, and pneumonia.

Cool Mist Humidifier

Using a cool mist humidifier is much like steam sits for children suffering from symptoms of the cold or flu. This product is much easier to use as you can have it in your child’s bedroom so that they are able to get a better night sleep and experience mist or steam that’s cooler during their daytime habits. This is the perfect way to get some mist into your child to help loosen up mucus while they still enjoy their day of reading and playing.

Many parents have found that using natural cold remedies for kids has helped improve their child feel better quicker than using other product options. While there is a large number of cold remedies on counters these days, I highly recommend going natural for cold remedies unless antibiotics are needed. These natural options are the best ones to start with for the everyday common cold and flu symptoms, and helped our family tremendously this past cold season.

Natural Cold Remedies for Kids featured by top US mom blogger Sylvie in the Sky

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