Best Pre-K Summer Camps | Camp Galileo

Best Pre-K Summer Camps | Camp Galileo

Summer Camps for Kids. T is finally at the age where the world of Summer Camps is a real thing. He’ll be out for Summer Vacations, and since both the hubs and I are working parents, we need to figure out where T will spend his days learning, exploring, running, and having an all around awesome time, all under trusted supervision. Location is another major consideration, since we commute to and from work this camp can only be so far from our home. Then there’s the money factor — we only can afford so much for said Pre-K Summer Camp, but we don’t want to sacrifice learning, creativity, and activity because of our financial limitations.

Best Pre-K Summer Camps | Camp Galileo

I’d heard parents in our neighborhood Facebook Group mention Camp Galileo as a favorite Kids Summer Camp option for kids in Pre-K up to 5th grade, so I looked into their programs further. And the more I read about Camp Galileo’s Summer Camp programs, the more interested I got. By the time I was done combing through their website, I had written down 10 solid reasons why this is the Best Pre-K Summer Camp for T (and older kids, too!). And because I know that the Kids Summer Camp research process can be a daunting one, I’m sharing my 10 reasons why we are all about Camp Galileo’s Pre-K Summer Camp for our son, T.

Best Pre-K Summer Camps | Camp Galileo

Best Pre-K Summer Camp | Camp Galileo

  1. Imaginative Week Long Camp Themes: Summer Camps, back in the day, held the most basic of themes — art, science, band, tennis, etc. Whatever the theme, that’s what you did all. day. long. Camp Galileo’s Summer Camp themes changed the game, with whimsical week-long storylines like Amusement Park, Medieval Adventure, and African Safari.
  2. Art Art Art: Our family thrives on all things creative — dance, film, music, art, photography, literature, and everything in between. We are committed to filling T’s world with as much creativity and artistic activities as possible, a challenge for many parents, based on limited school budgets and resources. Camp Galileo believes in an art filled camp experience, in the most innovative and imaginative ways — make your own marble paper, sculpt pop colored lollipops? Yes and Yes.
  3. Mini Makers: STEM toys, STEM camps, STEM everything — exposing young children to Science Technology Engineering and Math has been a major focus, and Camp Galileo infused cool projects with these in mind. When T sees kids building their own Go Kart and Merry Go Round, he might want to stay all Summer long.
  4. Constant Collaboration: Group play can do wonders for young children, and Camp Galilieo’s commitment to connect kids to a super fun activity where they support, create, and build together can shape their emotional and social development for years to come.
  5. Little Explorers: Never stop exploring is our family mantra, and Pre-K Summer Camp is no different. African Safari Camp Week takes kids through an imaginary Savanna and its animal kingdom.
  6. Go Go Go Karts: Build your own tilting go kart. This is everything.
  7. Parachute Play: Activities to tucker out pre-k kiddos involve a colorful parachute and awesome races underneath it.
  8. 5 Minute Drive: Camp Galileo has conveniently located Summer Camps in multiple Bay Area, Southern California, and Chicagoland cities. Our city’s camp location is a 5 minute drive from our home, and en route to work every morning. Extended care options at Camp Galileo also help working parents and their schedules.
  9. Wallet Friendly: Imaginative, Innovative Summer Camps shouldn’t cost a small fortune, and Camp Galileo strives to make this an accessible experience by offering financial aid resources and a wallet friendly week-long price.
  10. Passionate Camp Leaders: Educators, experts, and active supervisors that love the curriculum and kids as much as we’d hope they would.

Best Pre-K Summer Camps | Camp Galileo


Summer may be months away but Summer Camp signups are happening now and filling up fast. Camp Galileo is offering a great deal until 2/28/2017, so I hope you can sign up your littles for this awesome experience for this affordable price.

Early-Bird Promotion: Save $25 – $50 per week (depending on location) until 2/28.

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  1. Lauren Johnson wrote:

    This looks like so much fun! Luna would have the time of her life here, I wish we were going to be back in San Diego sooner!

    I’ll have to bookmark this for next year!

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