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    {pic courtesy of here}

    i love books. (you know this)

    and with that, i love bookcases, bookshelves, libraries……and i am always on the hunt for what this bookworm’s perfect library would look like.

    so imagine my delight when i stumbled upon i suwannee’s ode to the bookcase, a celebration of silent moments in these petit libraries.

    quaint & quirky, i would do cartwheels if i could have one of these fantastic rooms…..and triple the book collection to go along with it!



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    1. 03/13/2009 / 3:24 am

      Just came across randomly and I too, love to read. I mean love, love, love to read. I too, would do cartwheels if I had my own library with a plush leather chair in the middle.


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