• brand new sky + a SMP treat

    brand new sky + a SMP treat

    “i’m a new day rising…i’m a brand new sky to hang… “
    hello friends,
    oh how i’ve missed you! the holidays have come and gone and a new colorful year is here for us to fill. and i’m determined to sprinkle a little magic on this blog once again. i’ve got new dreams to share, wild adventures to tell and sweet things to show in between.
    but first, a {terribly long and overdue} peek at that whimsical day when we said i do….courtesy of max wanger, love sick weddings & style me pretty:
    if you’d like, click on over to more dreamy photos and stories of our little north shore wedding at smp {the post was went live yesterday}.and there’s a few more bits of goodness i’ve kept in my back pocket to share with my wonderful friends here…stay tuned. :)until then, here’s to a new year full of silliness, big dreams and endless adventure.

    * all photos by max wanger

    * * * * * * * * *



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