chevron love + a marvelous mani pedi

“a pattern to pattern oh can you see it on me love…”
-florence & the machine

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hey friends,
i’m over the moon excited to have my wonderful friend, morgan, visit us today to share one of her dazzling d.i.y adventures. this one made me beam and do a happy dance, it’s that fantastic!
have fun!


d.i.y: chevron mani pedi
morgan of the handcrafted life
hi there everyone! my name is morgan, and normally you’ll find me over at the handcrafted life, blogging about home decor, fashion and travel. 
but today i’m excited to be guest posting here on silver lining, and sharing two of my favorite things: diy and fashion!
chevron. it’s everywhere these days; sneaking into home decorator fabrics, on walls, and especially now with the missoni for target craze, chevron patterns are showing up more and more on clothes and accessories. but i’m not one to jump right on trends, especially when they involve spending a lot of money on clothes, when my husband and i are saving up to buy our first house next year. so i came up with a cheap and easy way to get my chevron fix by diy’ing chevron patterns on my nails.


so sit back and relax with a couple of bottles of nail polish, a roll of blue painter’s tape,
scissors, and follow these easy steps to get the look for yourself!


:: step no.1 ::


start by painting your nails with two coats of your favorite nail polish color. i used a darker color, mochachino by essie, because i wanted something that would really contrast when i created the chevron pattern. make sure you let your nails dry completely here, otherwise you risk the blue painter’s tape pulling the color off your nails.



:: step no.2 ::
next, cut four thin and even strips of blue painter’s tape for each one of your nails.
 :: step no.3 ::
then, carefully position the tape on your nails. begin by making a ‘V’ low on your finger nail with two pieces of tape. run your finger all over the tape, making sure it is securely stuck down to your nail, and no nail polish will bleed under it.
:: step no.4 ::
create a second, higher ‘V’ shape higher up on your nail with the second two pieces of tape. again, make sure these strips are securely stuck to your nails.
:: step no.5 ::
next, paint your second color of nail polish on the exposed parts of your nails. i went with a light pink, neo whimsical by essie. paint on one thin and light coat, let it dry completely, then follow up with a second thin coat. try to avoid thick coats, as it makes it harder to remove the tape, and won’t look as clean.
:: step no.6 ::
immediately after applying your second light coat of your contrasting nail polish color, slowly and gently peel off the blue painter’s tape, one strip at a time. let your polish dry completely, and finish it off with a quick dry clear top coat, and you’re ready to rock those chevrons on your nails!
 :: for a perfect pedi… ::
 you can also play around with cutting thinner strips of painter’s tape, to get an even more graphic chevron pattern on your nails. i tried doing three sets of ‘Vs’ with the tape on my toes, using a list and over the edge by essie.
the perfect compliment to fall-inspired tweed peep toe heels!

friends, now we’d love to hear from you….have you jumped on the chevron trend yet? and what are your favorite nail colors for fall?

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friends, your sweet thoughts and inspiring comments are the bright spot of my day. please make the jump, hang out and share what’s on your mind. 🙂

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  1. Katie C wrote:

    Whoa – what an awesome DIY!!! The mani and pedi look amazing.

    Posted 10.19.11 Reply
  2. OurWiredLives wrote:

    nice work. I’d totally try it, but I’m too lazy 😉 Great job.

    Posted 10.15.11 Reply
  3. Allie wrote:

    Oooh, I love the extra stripes on the toe! Great tutorial!

    Posted 10.11.11 Reply
  4. Erin wrote:

    Awesome and innovative mani/pedi look! I love chevron stripes!


    Erin @

    Posted 10.8.11 Reply
  5. Stylephenomenon wrote:

    The finished product is fabulous–thanks for the tutorial makes it look very doable =)

    Posted 10.7.11 Reply
  6. Marie wrote:

    Cute! I’ve been seeing so much cute nail art…maybe chevrons will be my first foray!

    Posted 10.7.11 Reply
  7. Mina wrote:

    so cute! i’m very impressed with your patience, though–mine would turn out like a psychedelic swirly haze due to impatience (and clumsiness).

    Posted 10.7.11 Reply
  8. grace - stripes & sequins wrote:

    Love this… you did such a great job!

    Posted 10.7.11 Reply