cocktail hour

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we all have our favorite portfolio of cocktails – those we sip politely at dinner parties, others when we’re lazily sprawled along the hotel pool….

…and the ones when we mean business.

for moi, when i’m out and about and ready to paint the town red, i order my go-to cocktail. it’s straightforward, pairs perfectly with (or without) dinner and never leaves me unsatisfied.

meet the martini.

with its origins just north of san francisco, this classic cocktail has been a favorite of icons throughout the ages, including Winston Churchill, Truman Capote, J. Robert Oppenheimer, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, Cary Grant, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and the fictional James Bond.

i prefer mine with vodka, 3 olives and especially dirty. and on those rare nights out, it is perfectly delicious!

and now that the bf & i are hooked on mad men, the idea of martinis after dinner sound terribly appealing.

{pic courtesy of here}

so i trusted the boys at the carlyle hotel’s bemelman’s bar – long hailed for their exceptional martini menu – for the recipe of this classic elixer:

The Extra Dirty Martini


  • 4 ounces vodka
  • 1 1/4 ounces olive juice
  • Splash of vermouth
  • 3 pitted Spanish green queen olives, skewered


Shake the liquid ingredients with ice in a shaker. Strain into a chilled martini glass, garnish with the olive skewer and serve.

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