diamond in the rough

“I always tell the girls, never take it seriously, if ya never take it seriosuly, ya never get hurt, ya never get hurt, ya always have fun, and if you ever get lonely, just go to the record store and visit your friends.”
– Penny lane, “Almost Famous”

similar to my adoration of neighborhood bookshops, record shops are one of my favorite places to get lost for a few hours…..searching for nothing in particular….and discovering some fantastic album (old or new) along the way.

but record shops are disappearing by the minute, with only a smattering standing across the globe. luckily, my city prides itself on music and supporting our beloved neighborhood shops…..allowing our record shop gems to still sparkle.

my latest coffee table book discovery is a celebration of our precious record shops…..“old, rare, new the independent record shop” by black dog publishing, uk.

{book cover courtesy of here}

“There is nothing quite like the feeling of thumbing through LP after LP in a dusty old record shop, only to stumble upon some hidden treasure, new obsession or forgotten love. Old Rare New: The Independent Record Shop is a homage to the holy places of music collecting, complete with their particular anecdotes, peculiar characters, and unique environments.

Emma Pettit, formerly of the Institute of Contemporary Arts, has travelled across the UK and America into these eclectic spaces of musical exchange, interviewing record shop owners, collectors and musicians to provide a rich account of the increasingly rare independent record shop. Featured shops include Rough Trade East (London), Sister Ray (London), Vinyl Exchange (Manchester), Other Music (New York), Aquarius Records (San Francisco), Amoeba Records (California) and Jazz Record Mart (Chicago). The first comprehensive look at these important institutions, Old Rare New: The Independent Record Shop is an essential read for the musically inclined.”black dog publishing, uk

i love the nostalgic imagery and the homage to album cover art. and it already has primo real estate on my coffee table. yay!

for my fellow record shop lovers out there, you can pick up this jewel from the publisher’s store, here.

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  1. almost famous is one of my most favorite movies and that penny lane quote is one of my all time most favorite quotes!!!!

    Posted 2.24.09 Reply
  2. Lulu Bells wrote:

    Everything sounds so much better on that black vinyl. So many memories of listening to them. Enjoy your new tunes!

    Posted 2.22.09 Reply
  3. Oooh, this has Sam’s name written ALL over it! I’m gonna buy it for him- thanks for the tip!


    Posted 2.21.09 Reply