DIY Kids & Adult Adjustable Face Mask Tutorial

Have you had trouble finding a good fitting face mask for your little loved one? There are many cloth kids face masks in the market, but I’ve had to buy and try a LOT before I found the best ones that my kiddos loved, felt most comfortable using, and stayed on!

The best kind of kid face masks for my family are the adjustable fit ones. Today I’m sharing an easy DIY kids and adult adjustable face mask tutorial. Pick fun prints of your kid’s favorite characters, pretty florals and rainbows, plus cool prints for you, and have a great fitting adjustable face mask in minutes.

This DIY adjustable kids face mask includes a filter pocket and adjustable ties. This DIY adjustable face mask is also machine washable and can be ironed if wrinkled.

DIY Kids & Adult Adjustable Face Mask Tutorial


What you will need for a kid mask:

What you will need for a adult mask:


Step one:

Cut your pieces of fabric to the length and width listed above. I used pinking shears to keep it from fraying, but it is not necessary

Step two:

Fold both of the square pieces in half. Line one of the folded pieces up with the bottom of the rectangle piece, and the other with the top of the rectangle piece, with the folded edges overlapping. This will create the filter pocket.

Step three:

Sew around all of the edges, either with your needle and thread, or your sewing machine. To use your needle and thread, do a running stitch along all of the edges.

Step four:

Flip the mask inside out using the filter pocket pieces.

Step five:

Create one pleat on the mask, folding the top of the fabric down about ¼ of an inch. Then sew along all sides of the mask.

Step six:

Cut two 30-40 inch long pieces of ribbon, depending on the size of your child’s head. You can always trim the ribbon, so make sure to err on the side of caution.

Step 7:

Line up the halfway mark of your ribbon to the halfway line of the mask, so the two ties will be of equal length. Do this on the top and the bottom of the mask.

Step 8.

Sew the top and bottom ribbons to the mask.

Step 9:

Test your own kids face mask on your child and trim the ties to fit to your liking.

And now you’re done!

I hope this how to make kids adjustable face mask tutorial helped solve some of your COVID-19 protection needs.

What face masks have worked best for you and your family? I’m curious to know!

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