“between the optimist and the pessimist, the difference is droll. the optimist sees the doughnut; the pessimist the hole!”
– oscar wilde
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there are many wonderful memories i have of my dad. too many to list here on this little blog, but one in particular inspired me to write today’s post.
growing up, our breakfast table was always accompanied by a cheerful pink box of donuts. it was my dad’s absolute favorite breakfast food. apple fritters were his undisputed #1, cinnamon twists #2 and old fashioned a close #3. we, of course, had to eat our oatmeal, cereal or eggs. but on special mornings, he would surprise us and divide his own apple fritter into mini donuts for my brother and me. 
so, i have always been quite the donut fan. of course, as i grew older and discovered the caloric horrors associated with my heavenly treat, i saved my donut moments for the rare and special occasion.
and for these rare and special occasions, there is only one place.
for those of you who are not familiar with dynamo, i like to say it is the donut version of my other sweet tooth destination, bi-rite creamery. organic and fresh ingredients, owner sara spearin features 7-10 uniquely flavored donuts each week. chocolate spice, maple bacon and lemon pistachio to name a few.
i introduced rob to the heavenly caramel de sel. my citrus addiction has me hooked on the lemon thyme and lemon pistachio. they are light, luscious and unforgettable.
oh, our next donut day can’t come soon enough.
bon appetit,
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  1. Maple Bacon!? I’m sold. Love that doughnuts are attached to such fond memories—my mom is a total health nut, but my dad LOVES doughnuts. We too had them as special treats. I need to find this Dynamo!! XO

    Posted 2.3.10 Reply