One commitment I have to myself and to my family is to keep our Filipino culture alive and thriving in our home, and pass on every colorful Filipino experience I had as a child to my two children. One way we do this, is through the food we cook and eat. And thanks to the Instant Pot, it’s easier than ever to make my favorite Filipino dishes on a weeknight, even after a long day of work. Today I’m sharing one of our go to Instant Pot Filipino dishes, Filipino Sinigang Soup. It’s healthy (keto friendly!), and versatile – there are seafood, meat, and vegetable options.

Sinigang is one of the most famous and iconic Filipino dishes. The word “Sinigang” translates to “Stew,” and while there are recipes for Sinigang, this dish is widely known to be the stew Filipinos cooked with the local ingredients available to them that day – fresh caught fish, extra beef from the market, banana peppers from the garden. The tamarind soup base is the common thread between these Filipino Sinigang soup variations, a dish that is served for any meal and any occasion (its a popular dish to eat when someone is feeling sick), and recalls warm family memories from our Filipino homes.



8 cups water

1 (1.4 oz) packet Tamarind soup base mix

1 lb wild shrimp, shell on

2 cups baby bok choy

2 organic hot house tomatoes, quartered

1 cup organic green beans, whole

2 choyote, cut into 1.5″ pieces

1 Asian eggplant, sliced

Salt, to taste

Optional: Add or replace with the following items

2 fish fillets (Bangus milkfish or catfish) cut into 1.5″ width sections

2 lbs beef sirloin stew cubes (cut into 2″ cubes)

2 lbs pork loin stew cubes (cut into 2″ cubes)

Sweet banana peppers

Filipino Sinigang Soup featured by top US lifestyle blogger Sylvie in the Sky


Add water and meat of choice (beef or pork) in your Instant Pot.

Turn on Instant Pot to Manual High Pressure for 30 minutes.

When complete, use natural pressure release (NPR).

Add the eggplant, green beans, and choyote to the Instant Pot.

Set Instant Pot to manual high pressure for 4 minutes.

When complete, use natural pressure release (NPR).

Once fully released, open the Instant Pot and turn on the Saute function. Add the tamarind soup base, shrimp, and tomatoes.

Stir all the ingredients until well-combined.

Taste the sinigang soup and add additional salt or tamarind soup base as needed.


Filipino Sinigang Soup featured by top US lifestyle blogger Sylvie in the Sky

Sinigang Na Baboy At Hipon

Sinigang Tamarind Soup with Pork and Shrimp

Sinigang Na Bangus

Sinigang Tamarind Soup with Milkfish

Sinigang Na Baka

Sinigang Tamarind Soup with Beef

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