film fest

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one of the few perks of my job is that i travel to NY…alot

so, i was so thrilled this morning to learn that the one and only tribeca film festival is going on while i’m there at the end of april.


film fests are super cool events that never cease to broaden my perpective on the world and introduce me to the myriad of special stories that are created across the globe. my film fest experience has been limited to my city by the bay, so going to the tribeca film fest would be an amazing new experience…..

oh, and i can’t even begin to imagine the parties!

{pic courtesy of here}

who’s comin’ with me?


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  1. Anonymous wrote:

    UM do you even need to ask who would come with you!!!!!!!!! BTW, nice ring in prior post. xoxoxo oh, and i am B.B.

    Posted 3.16.09 Reply