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“i adore simple pleasures. they are the last refuge of the complex.”
– oscar wilde

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if you have been following my daily musings for a bit now, it’s very clear that i find beauty and delight in a great many things, places and people. i am also a libra to the core, which means i have the tendency to be frustratingly fickle. for example, rob asked me once what my favorite color was, and i responded with three. see what i mean?
so when my wonderful, always stylish friend, november grey, invited me to participate in her “my favorite item” blog series today, i happily accepted, but also openly admitted that it was going to be a long, hard choice. one item? seriously? i work in fashion! where do i even begin?
but after a day with my brain full of the many pretty things i have oohed and ahhed over in my warbrobe, my “old faithfuls” started to float to the surface. you know, those pieces that, when you have minutes to get ready, you reach for again and again. the ones that complete the outfit, make you feel a little sexy and just different enough from the rest of the crowd. 
“my favorite item?” yes, i have one favorite. and without a doubt, i know what it is.
and here they are!

grey suede boots by pierre hardy + gap
the second the leaves turn gold and begin to fall, these girls are the headliner in my shoe collection. and grey boots? they are super versatile — let me illustrate:
they make a cozy weekend ensemble suddenly chic.

{kate hudson via here}

they give black tights a little more attitude.

{clemence poesy via here}

they hold their own against fabulous jackets and luxe scarves.

{clemence poesy via here}

and, according to my madamoiselle vanessa bruno, are perfect with her dreamy outfits.

{vanessa bruno via here}

now it’s your turn! what is that one item that you absolutely adore? your “old faithful?” is it a luscious lipstick? a cool coat? a vintage quilted clutch? i can’t wait to hear about these beauties!
and for more reading pleasure, you must stop by and see what the oh-so-chic november grey chose as her number one…and her other lovely friends, too 🙂
here’s to the familiar and fabulous.
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friends, your sweet thoughts and inspiring comments are the bright spot of my day. please make the jump, hang out and share what’s on your mind. 🙂

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  1. Miss ED wrote:

    p.s. Oscar Wilde is my favorite author, 😉

    Posted 9.18.10 Reply
  2. Miss ED wrote:

    UM… Love the boots, great choice! I think my favorite thing is my grey Pour La Victoire Ida ankle boots, they’re comfortable and so cute, when I saw them I knew I had to have them!

    Ripped Nylon

    Posted 9.18.10 Reply
  3. Love your blog and those boots. Found you through another blogger….glad I did!

    Posted 9.15.10 Reply
  4. Samantha wrote:

    Awesome boots! What a great find! One of my major go-to’s is a black leather motorcycle jacket from Victoria’s Secret. I always wear it over frilly, girly tops to add some edge!


    Posted 9.14.10 Reply
  5. What gorgeous boots! I think my “old faithful” is my pair of London Sole black ballet flats-I always have a pair “in rotation” and one waiting in the closet!

    Posted 9.14.10 Reply
  6. Tanvi wrote:

    Oh! Love them. They are ‘delicious’ [I call shoes delicious!] 😉

    Posted 9.14.10 Reply
  7. Oh, I love! Simply gorgeous! I can see wearing those with just about everything! Thanks for taking part. YOU are an inspiration. And a libra too? Now I know why I adore you!

    Kismet xx

    Posted 9.14.10 Reply
  8. Jen wrote:

    I don’t often have one answer to a question either.

    Ohhh my gosh. Girl, those shoes are AMAZING!

    Posted 9.14.10 Reply