One tradition my son Theo and I enjoy doing together is baking on the weekends. Muffins are the popular pick lately, especially recipes with coconut flour since it tastes and smells so good! and a year ago, if you looked at the baking tools I was using, everything was non-stick. But now knowing how toxic most non-stick ANYTHING is, we’ve removed all non-stick bakeware and cookware from our home. I’ve rounded up the 8 best non-toxic bakeware options to improve your health.

Why is Non-Stick Harmful To Our Health?

Most nonstick bakeware includes a coating made with chemicals and toxins that cause harm to our body. One of the chemicals used to make non-stick coatings is called perfluorooctanoic acid or PFOA.Studies have shown a link between increased PFOA and PFOS blood levels and an increased risk for kidney cancer, prostate cancer and testicular cancer. PFOA and PFOA have also shown to cause immune system issues, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, preeclampsia and hypothyroidism.

The 8 Best Non Toxic Bakeware

  1. Silpat Silicone: We use the Silpat mini muffin molds and the muffins pop out without out any extra coating prior to baking – it’s a miracle! We also use the Silpat cookie sheet and it’s equally non-sticky without the toxins.
  2. Pyrex Glass: We use Pyrex for all our brownie, crumble, and cornbread baking needs. The snap on lid also makes it awesome as non toxic food storage.
  3. Le Creuset Stoneware: Famed for their enameled cast iron cookware (we use ours every week!) since 1925, Le Creuset’s Stoneware bakeware is our favorite brand for most of our baking needs
  4. Staub Ceramic: A premium French cookware brand since 1974, Staub’s Ceramic bakeware is a trustworthy non-toxic staple in many kitchens.
  5. Emile Henry Ceramic: One of the most popular and beautiful pie and tart non toxic bakeware.
  6. Rachel Ray Stoneware: A reliable and stylish non toxic bakeware option.
  7. Corningware Ceramic: Another trustworthy non-toxic bakeware option that also doubles as food storage and serving pieces.
  8. Sur La Table Stainless Steel: Stainless steel is a sturdy and non-toxic bakeware material that is commonly used in commercial grade bakeware. Coating with butter or oil is needed to make it non-stick.

What are your favorite non toxic bakeware brands? Tell us below!

Non Toxic Bakeware featured by top US lifestyle blogger Sylvie in the Sky


Emile Henry Mini Pie Dish
Emile Henry Small Rectangular Tart Dish
Emile Henry Pie Dish
Emile Henry Flame Charcoal Grill Stone
Emile Henry Ultime Medium Rectangular Baker
Staub Ceramic 9″ Pie Dish
Corningware CorningWare French White lll 2-pc. Rectangular Bakeware Set
Staub Ceramic Rectangular Baking Dish 2-Piece Set
Corningware CorningWare French White III 8 Square Baking Dish
Staub Ceramic Rectangular Baking Dishes, Set of 2
Oval Baker – White – Staub
Ceramic Two-Piece Rectangular Baking Dish Set
Oval Baker Set – White – Staub
Le Creuset Stoneware Square Baking Dish
Rachael Ray Collection Stoneware 12-Oz. Rectangular Au Gratin Dish
BergHOFF Collect’N’Cook Stoneware Gratin Baking Dish
Staub Ceramic 3-Piece Stoneware Set
Sur La Table Stoneware Bakers with Lids, Set of 3
Sur La Table Silpat Cookie Sheet Baking Mat
Demarle Silpat Macaron Sheet Baking Mat
Demarle Silpat Perfect Cookie Baking Mat
Silpat Perfect Pizza Mat, 12″
Silpat Round Baking Mat
Silpat -Sheet Snap Band Baking Mat
Sur La Table Silpat Sheet Baking Mat
Corningware CorningWare French White 18-pc. Bakeware Set
Le Creuset Square Bakers, Set of 2
Ceramic Two-Piece Rectangular Baking Dish Set
Emile Henry Pie Dish
Rachael Ray Collection 9″ X 13″ Stoneware Baker
Pyrex 10-Pc. Ultimate White Storage Set
Pyrex 19-pc. Set Easy-Grab Bakeware Set
Pyrex Easy Grab 9 Pie Plate
Pyrex 3 Qt. Grip-Rite Oblong Baking Dish (Set of 4)
Pyrex Bakeware Rectangular Baking Dish
Pyrex 13-pc. Bake & Store Set
Pyrex 2-Pc. Atlantic Blue Bakeware Value Pack
Vietri Lastra Muffin Tin – White – VIETRI
Sur La Table Platinum Professional Bakeware, Set of 6
Sur La Table Platinum Professional Standard Muffin Pan, 12 Count

Non Toxic Bakeware featured by top US lifestyle blogger Sylvie in the Sky

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