Home Eco-Playground Montessori Ideas

We’ve been getting creative with our play options at home, dreaming up fun, versatile ways to keep the kiddos active indoors and out. My mama friends have been raving about the pikler triangle, our nieces and nephew are passionate rock climbers, and T & O love to build all sort of different forts, mountains, slides with the everyday stuff at home – so with all of these things in mind, we shopped and found the essentials for our at home eco playground (Montessori inspired). I’m sharing our at home eco playground essentials today, so scroll along to learn more about how we created this fun, imaginative space for the kids.

Home Eco-Playground Montessori pikler triangle Ideas

Home Eco-Playground Montessori Ideas

Outdoor & Indoor Rugs

We keep our play set indoors, but love to bring it outdoors on our AstroTurf Outdoor rug too – the kids have more space in our yard to play and it’s a rad playground experience for them as they have control of mixing up the formation of play pieces for their adventure of the moment – this past weekend it was mountain climbing the Himalayas and sliding down the snowy mountainside 🏔. Having a soft ground covering for outdoor or indoor play is essential for the kids to feel most comfortable playing – laying on the floor, rolling around, jumping, hiding out, and everything in between.

Home Eco-Playground Montessori Pikler Triangle Ideas


Sturdy Wood Climbing Toys

T & O loooooooove to climb anything, and spend hours trying to create their own climbing contraptions with pillows, couch cushions, chairs, benches, and boxes. Investing in versatile, sturdy wood climbing play toys that could be easily stored was high on our list for our at home playground needs.

Home Eco-Playground Montessori pikler triangle Ideas

Kiddo Climbers 3 piece Montessori set includes a foldable pikler triangle, climber rocker arch, and slide climber – all hand crafted by the Kiddo Climbers fam with durable high quality birch wood, non toxic paint (natural finishes are an option too), and a sturdy design.

Home Eco-Playground Montessori Pikler Triangle Ideas

Lots of Indoor/Outdoor Games

Ring Toss, Jump Ropes, Basketball, Bouncing Balls, Corn Hole/Bean Bag Toss – having an ample supply of games the kids can find and play independently is a big win when I’m on a work call.

Bucket of Non Toxic Colored Chalk

I grew up dreaming up and drawing my own sidewalk masterpieces, and love that T & O have fun doing the exact same thing. A big ol’ bucket of non toxic sidewalk chalk is a must in this home at all times.

Unlimited Bubbles

Because bubbles make everything better! Jumbo bubble wands and bubble machines are a popular play pick every week, so we make sure to keep our bubble stash fully stocked.

Let the Music Play

These kids will play longer if music is in the air. Our portable Bluetooth speaker is always on during playtime and we have a few favorite playlists the kids pick each time.

Home Eco-Playground Montessori pikler triangle Ideas

Stay tuned for my next post on the different ways T&O play with the rainbow climber arch, along with a few of our favorite configurations of all 3.

Hop over to Kiddo Climbers to see more of their awesome play collections and use the exclusive code SYLVIE at checkout to get a special discount on qualified purchases. 🛍

Anyone else a Pikler Triangle/Montessori fan? I’d love to hear your play stories below!

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