How to Make a No Sew Kids Face Mask

Want to make a cute kids face mask or a cool adult face mask but don’t have a sewing machine and don’t want to hand sew? Here is my super easy solution.

Scroll and follow along to learn how to make a No Sew Kids and Adult Face Mask, the easy way. I hope this No Sew Face Mask tutorial lets you make fun kids face masks and cool adult face masks when we need them most.

How to Make a No Sew Kids & Adult Face Mask


  • Ribbon-.25 or .5 inch
  • Fabric- quilting cotton
  • Fabric glue or hem tape
    (Make sure to follow the directions on your bonding of choice) I recommend the hemming tape because it is more flexible than the glue but both will work


Step one:

Cut your fabric to the dimensions listed below-

  • For Kids:
    • Two 6×6 pieces of fabric (for the back of the mask)
      One 5×6 piece of fabric (for the front of the mask)

    For Adults:

      Two 8×8 pieces of fabric (for the back of the mask)
      One 7×8 piece of fabric (for the front of the mask)

    Step two:

    Cut hemming tape to be the size all the way around your face mask front piece or use fabric glue

    Step 3:

    Place the square face mask pieces folded and overlapping and line the selvedges up with eachother, folds facing the middle.

    Step 4:

    Place hemming tape over the overlapping edges of the folded pieces

    Step 5:

    Place hemming tape or glue on the folded pieces

    Step 6:

    Iron the whole thing on both sides, bonding the fabric together.

    Step 7:

    Let the tape and fabric cool for at least 5 minutes or however long it says on your package of tape

    Step 8:

    Turn the mask right side out using the filter pocket pieces. It should look something like this

    Step 9:

    Iron the fabric while right side out. Let the fabric cool before the next step.

    Step 10:

    Use hemming tape or fabric glue to add two 30-40 inch pieces of ribbon

    Step 11:

    Fold the fabric down one time to create a pleat and glue the pleat in place using fabric glue or hemming tape

    Step 12:

    Iron in place and you are done!

    Tell us – what does your DIY No Sew Face Mask look like? Favorite print, patter, color….tell us below!

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