How to Prevent Maskne

We’ve all been trying to adapt to this “new normal” over the last few months, but none of us were prepared for the maskne. That’s right, maskne. With all the trends I’ve seen going around the internet, the new lingo for breaking out in 2020 has become “maskne” (mask+acne). 2020 has thrown us all for a loop, that’s for sure. Whether you’re wearing makeup with masks or not, you’re probably experiencing unwanted breakouts due to constant face mask wearing. We’re learning and finding ways to adapt to the face mask lifestyle, which also means changing up your skin care and potentially your makeup routine too. Maskne obviously comes from the mask wearing, but also from excess face touching, heat and sweat, bacteria, and hair. While there is no magical way to get rid of this acne besides your daily skincare regimen, there are ways to try and slow down the spread by switching up your skincare and the products you use. Keep reading for my best tips on how to prevent maskne this season.

How to Prevent Maskne in 9 Steps

Wash your face 

It’s so important to regularly wash your face, but it’s even more important to make sure you don’t over wash. Dirt and oils will get trapped under the mask which can cause breakouts, so it’s good to wash your face before putting a mask on. This way, you’re always wearing a mask over a clean face. It’s also good to wash your face after you’re finished wearing masks all day too. Ending the day with a fresh face will help to ensure that you’ve washed away any bacteria or germs that may have snuck up into the mask throughout the day. 

Clean your reusable face mask

Wearing only clean masks is more important than you think. Dirt and oils from skin and bacteria from the mouth and nose are likely to get on your cloth mask, so it’s very essential that you regularly wash them. 

Rotate your cloth masks weekly

I stocked up on and made a bunch of masks for our family and we’ve been rotating them every few days as we wash them. I suggest getting in the habit of rotating your reusable masks and washing them after every use. 

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Don’t reuse surgical masks

I feel like it’s very disregarded, but surgical masks aren’t meant to be reused. There’s really no great way to clean them and the CDC doesn’t even recommend them for the public. While this is not to say that you can’t use them, just be aware that you shouldn’t be wearing the same one twice. 

Wear less makeup 

I love getting ready in the mornings when I have time. It’s so nice to spend that time with yourself, for yourself. These days, however, I’ve been skipping the makeup (or not wearing any on the lower half of my face) and it’s made such a difference in my skin. Masks act as barriers, which causes makeup to clog pores and in return, produce acne. 

Avoid touching your face with dirty hands

Throughout the day, you might feel the need to touch your face while adjusting your mask. Make sure that if you’re touching your face that you do it with clean hands! 

Hydrate skin

Moisturizing and hydrating your skin is such an important step to any skincare routine, Covid or not. It’s important to note that moisturizing helps to keep your skin hydrated, while also acting as a barrier for your face and mask. Try to avoid using oil-based products and stick to fragrance free and oil free options. 

Fragrance free laundry detergent 

Fragrances can cause irritation to the skin when in fabrics, so I’d recommend washing your masks with fragrance free laundry detergent. There are a ton of great options on the market these days, so choose one that works for your lifestyle! (pro tip: lay your masks out to dry flat)

Protect your ears

Don’t let those ears go unnoticed!! The elastic strap loops on masks can cause friction on the back sides of your ears. If this happens to you, there are a ton of alternative ways to wear your mask to avoid this uncomfortable friction. You can attach buttons to a headband or even wear a face shield. For more alternative mask wearing options, check out this amazing article from!


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