in the club

“always, always save the best for last.”
-silver lining no.22

{chikalicious dessert bar courtesy of flickr}


i’m going to let you in on one of my happiest spots.

it is the perfect end to any day or evening. it cheers me out of the grumps. it stirs love in the air. it celebrates. and it unwinds.

it’s chikalicious.

{chikalicious dessert chef courtesy of flickr}

” The specialty at this popular, ingeniously realized niche restaurant is dessert and dessert only. Most of the action takes place behind the bar, where the pastry chef and co-owner, Chika Tillman, and her assistants whip up their creations—sorbet floating in sparkling wine, melting wheels of fromage blanc “cheesecake” on great blocks of ice—with the diligent intensity of world-class sushi chefs. On weekend nights, the line can snake out the door and down the block.”
— Adam Platt

Pre-Fixe Menu

Three-course dessert, $12; with coffee or tea, $15.50 ; with wine, $19

the chikalicious dessert bar is a chic spot to spend an evening with the best girlfriends, end a swanky date or celebrate good times. their perfect wine pairings and luxurious desserts are heaven on a plate.

oh my goodness, just looking at these pictures is making me hungry!

{petit fours courtesy of flickr}

{coconut dusted marshmallows courtesy of flickr}

{white chocolate mousse & poppy seed eclair with lavender marinated kiwi courtesy of flickr}

now, i know that the chikalicious dessert bar is not for everyone. too fancy. too $. lines?!?!

and poof! just like that, chikalicious owner & pastry chef chika tillman has created the perfect opposite….across the street.

dessert club, chikalicious

{chikalicious dessert club courtesy of flickr}

casual, wallet friendly and every bit as mouth watering, the dessert club boasts a myriad of sweet temptations – an army of homemade cupcakes and cookies, sinful brioche bread pudding, fruit crisps, milkshakes, sundaes and more……

{dessert club cupcakes courtesy of flickr}

so the next time you’re out and about in the east village……pop in the club.


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