• just dance

    just dance

    {pic courtesy of flickr}

    “any problem in the world can be solved by dancing”

    -james brown

    dance = love.

    i was in dance shoes the moment i could stand on two feet. my ambitious mom enrolled me in a series of classes that had me pirouetting, step-ball-changing and flick kicking, to my dad’s dismay {his dream was of me as a tennis phenom} , for 12 years……

    peter and the wolf. singin’ in the rain. swan lake. cabaret. nutcracker. pink tights. slouchy leg warmers. black leotards. perfectly pinned up buns.

    this was my childhood.

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    and in high school & college, when the dance i knew was losing its luster, i discovered and began my love affair with the world of hip hop.

    {pic courtesy of here}

    and then i graduated. got a job. joined the rat race. and stopped dancing.

    …and after a few years of living the grown-up life, i started missing my dance life. and when i spent my lazy time watching center stage, honey, step up 2 and SYTYCD, my heart ached like crazy.

    so i made one of my ’09 resolutions – do what you love.

    and i resumed my dance classes and signed up for a hip hop dance workshop this summer!

    so…no matter how zany the day, how many things dominate your “to do” list…..

    here’s to doing what you love.

    {pic courtesy of here}


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    friends, your sweet thoughts and inspiring comments are the bright spot of my day. please make the jump, hang out and share what’s on your mind. 🙂


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