Having a consistent bedtime routine with Theo has always been a priority for us. Washing up immediately after dinner, brushing teeth, bath, pajamas, picking out a bedtime story to read together, and a little cuddling together right before. These are just a few of the steps in our typical night time routine. Today, I’m going to share our nighttime routine, how it evolved as Theo’s grown older, and some tips to help your child wind down and have a restful, uninterrupted nights sleep.

Toddler Bedtime Routine Tips

Brush Teeth:

Immediately after dinner, Theo heads to the bathroom to wash his hands and brush his teeth. This is the same routine we have after every meal.


Theo LOVES music. We have a tradition where we play and dance along to a few of our favorite songs – Motown, Pop, Brit Pop, Indie Rock, and everything in between – on Theo’s musical instruments. Theo always plays his guitar, the hubs plays the keyboard or drums, and I’m usually saxaphone or tambourine.


Theo lives for bath time. We will usually do a quick soak or a shower to help wind him down for the evening. Boats, bath friendly cars, and sea creatures of every kind are the special guests each night in the tub!


We’ve found that Theo gets more excited about bedtime if he loves the pajamas he’s going to sleep in. So we’ve stocked his drawers full of pajamas of his favorite characters, and he gets to pick his PJs every night.

Quiet Play:

If there is extra time before Theo’s bedtime, we let him do quiet play – puzzles, legos, or watching a show together as a family in our bed.


So many books! Theo picks out a story to read every night. He always tries to read more than one, there are some we’ve been reading since he was a baby that he still adores, and we introduce new ones every month as well. Lately, we’ve been practicing reading since he’s at that age!

Cuddle, Kiss, and Goodnight:

Tuck our little guy in, hang out for a few more minutes just to talk and hear him tell us stories about his day, and finally kiss him goodnight.

Ever since Theo was little, we have always had this same night time routine. But as he’s gotten older, we’ve shifted from putting on an overnight diaper when he was a baby, to using GoodNites so Theo could have a restful nights sleep. GoodNites helped Theo so much as his body continued to grow, helping him with any nighttime wetting episodes. That way, he would wake up rested, dry, and ready for the day.

What is Nighttime Wetting? When we sleep, the antidiuretic hormone slows down the production of urine in our bodies. But for many children, this hormone doesn’t fully develop until as late as 10 years old. As many as one in six children between the ages of 4 and 12 experience nighttime wetting.

You can find more tips and advice on how to talk to your kids about Nighttime Wetting here.

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