let’s get physical

“commit to be fit”
i’m in the mood to shake things up.
so, we’re going to explore an unfamiliar topic today on silver lining. 
the wonderful world of fitness!
it’s funny, i’ve been an active, athletic girl my whole life, but have never really talked about this slice of my world. my always ambitious mom had me in ballet slippers, jazz and tap shoes the moment i could walk and my sporty dad filled our days with tennis drills, batting practice and interval sprints. the second the end of day school bell rang, the pirouettes, forehands and races began. and i savored every second of it.
now, to stay in shape, the majority of our pals head to stylish gyms with fancy precor machines and treadmills. the more zen minded mates spent their mornings in a perfect standing bow pose. and me? well, i was a little unsure of how i wanted to stay in shape. i joined a too expensive gym, and was suckered into a few months with a personal trainer. i did the whole yoga thing, which i still do find incredibly soothing and gratifying. but i still felt like i was missing something. and after a little reflection, i figured it out. working out had become a chore. and chores? yep, they’re no fun.
so in the past two years, i’ve put together a fitness regimen that i actually look forward to after a looong day at the office. and with the big day about eight months away, awesome workouts equals a dazzling bride! 
so for those of us former athletes and soon-to-be brides find the gym not so hot, here is my short list of activities that work you out and are super fun. 
– just dance –

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with the dance wave sweeping the world as a result of the insane and inspiring dance shows {sytycd & abdc} and flicks {step up 3!}, you can channel your inner dancer with a fantastic, butt-kicking dance class. drop in classes are always an option and every genre is at your fingertips – super funkdafied hip hop routines, eccentric contemporary steps, whimsical jazz combinations and dreamy ballet twirls. odc, dance mission, millenium and broadway dance center are some of the well known ones in the sf, la and nyc areas.
and for yours truly, a sassy, hard hitting hip hop routine is the ultimate feel good workout…honey daniels, watch out!
– raise the bar –
there’s yoga. there’s pilates. there’s ballet.
blend them together… and you have the dailey method.
take this 60 minute class, set to a terrific soundtrack, and within a few weeks your body will sculpted, strong and oh-so-sexy!

– personal best –
jen aniston. madonna. gwenyth.
we’re all not-so-secretly envious of their physiques.
and sure, if we were super successful entertainers with tracy anderson as our personal trainer, we’d look like a million bucks too, right?
well, it turns out that we don’t have to have oodles of cash to get trained by their celeb trainer.
tracy anderson’s dvd workouts are the real deal. my bestie katie turned me onto her post pregnancy dvd {and we have yet to experience motherhood!} and after my first session i was sore in muscles i didn’t even know existed. this post preggers dvd  is especially effective because she attacks the tummy with uber intense moves that will give you a blissful bikini bod in no time. and, you can grunt and sweat and curse in the privacy of your own home 🙂
now it’s your turn! come on friends…what are your favorite ways to work it out?


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friends, your sweet thoughts and inspiring comments are the bright spot of my day. please make the jump, hang out and share what’s on your mind. 🙂

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  1. Miss ED wrote:

    I’ve never really been about working out because I was always involved in some activity in high school and lived in a cloud of starvation & sleep deprivation (thanks, architecture) in college, so lately I’ve been looking for some appealing workout options, especially since I’m deathly shy of going to a gym… thanks for the line-up!

    Ripped Nylon

    Posted 8.22.10 Reply
  2. Nothing beats a trampoline! 🙂

    Great blog! we’ll definitely be back! Come follow TBAG if you fancy. xx

    Posted 8.19.10 Reply
  3. Vanessa wrote:

    I used to be so athletic and now I’ve totally let myself go… It’s ridiculous! I suppose three weeks of vacation eating didn’t help much either. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Posted 8.19.10 Reply
  4. Cute blog!

    Please Visit & Join


    Posted 8.18.10 Reply
  5. OOOH! I’ll have to try that tracy anderson dvd! Thanks for the tips!



    Posted 8.18.10 Reply