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Great soul music lives forever. Al. Marvin. Stevie. Otis. Aretha. Kool & The Gang. They stir, spark, and inspire with endless style and fire. And for many, their truth and melodies are the soundtracks for those moments when we need something more to get us through. 

Jungle, a UK-based band, and their self titled debut album, are a new school of great soul. 

“There’s a real vintage-ness here, recalling the period of funk and soul just as those genres started transitioning into disco….Marvin Gaye croons, Chic basslines, and sharp Earth Wind & Fire falsettos.” brooklynvegan 

Jungle offers 12 fresh tracks that have looped on my iTunes all winter. And they’re the perfect ease-back-into-the-grind beats for any Monday.

Listen & Download Jungle today.

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