Listen: Music Mondays

sylvie in the sky spotify playlist

Today is a Big Monday. It’s the one where we press that jumbo, neon pink “LET’S DO THIS” button that we’ve been thinking of pressing for months. For this girl right here, this “DO” moment is about a few things, the biggest being the jump start of my writing engine.

But the main theme? Thinking [without ¬†action] is Lazy. Hundreds of Pins, Evernotes, and Bookmarks later, it’s time to add my own music to this soundtrack of my life. I’ll never feel ready, I’ve realized. There’s no proverbial lightbulb or golden morning that will change the game for me. Like dreading that first workout, we have to push ourselves forward, one step, then another. A rad Music Mondays playlist always helps. And before we know it, the work starts to feel good…then we¬†start to feel good. Eyes bright, face forward, there’s no looking back.



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