Sylvie in the Sky / Best David Bowie Moments

David Bowie, 1973 by Lynn Goldsmith

Six days have passed since the glittering Goblin King left us. This week, David Bowie’s mysterious melodies and stirring choruses filled our air and hearts, while we shared memories on sidewalks, and planned tributes for our lyrical hero.

But after all of that has come and gone, what then? David Bowie’s magic filled my childhood eyes and ears and nurtured my fantastical imagination. And now, I look at my son, T, and hope I can fill his world with this very same magic. That’s the plan, and here is how we’ll carry David Bowie’s sparkle in our heart and home.

Sylvie in the Sky / Best David Bowie Moments

On our Love List: David Bowie – my favorite childhood movie, Ziggy-chic prints and pullovers, the sweetest toddler tee, and unforgettable albums – old and new, we’ll celebrate David Bowie in many wonderful ways.


David Bowie Minimal Poster
David Bowie Print Shirt
David Bowie INSIDE Book
Mr. Bowie Kids Tee
Blackstar (Lazarus)
Best of Bowie
Ziggy Stardust Sweatshirt
Ziggy Stardust Tee
Ziggy Stardust Sweater
Daydreamer Tee

Sylvie in the Sky-Best Bowie Poster-Let's Dance


And then…there’s the music. Space Oddity, Starman, Life on Mars?, Rebel Rebel, Heroes, The Jean Genie, Ashes to Ashes, Under Pressure, Let’s Dance, Modern Love, China Girl…..just a few of the many melodies that we’ll play and sing for T. This sweet playlist will play in our home during this rainy day long weekend as we remember, sing, and dance as a family. All new memories, due to our unforgettable icon.

Thank you, David, for the glitter, fire, dreams, and the ability to make our own magic to your music.

Nothing will keep us together.

We can beat them for ever and ever.

We can be heroes, just for one day.

– David Bowie


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