mixtape mood – "me + you"

“where words fail, music speaks.”-
hans christian andersen

hi friends,

it’s been a zany holiday for yours truly. between the holiday shopping, family gathering and new year celebrating, i was furiously knocking off the lingering projects for our little beach wedding – it’s less than 4 months away…eek!

one of these projects was for our wedding cd favors. i played around with the filters and color levels in photoshop long enough to be super happy with the cover design. it’s so cute! i was inspired by a record poster and designed my own version with a heart shaped record & a fun chevron background.
AND, after a little dance party in our living room, we picked our favorite tunes.
a little 80’s, a pinch of indie, a dash of soul and a lot of love & happiness, bees, here it is….”me + you” –  our wedding soundtrack. 🙂
{cd design by sylvie}

“me + you”
our little beach wedding soundtrack
“dreams” by the cranberries
“stolen” by dashboard confessional
“there she goes” by the la’s
“somewhere over the rainbow” by israel kamakawiwoʻole
“cupid” by sam cooke
“someday” by the strokes
“in between days” by the cure
“melt with you” by modern english
“the promise” by when in rome
“just like heaven” by the cure
“only you” by yazoo
“by your side” by sade

these tunes are not only some of our all-time faves, they’re also the soundtrack to our 10 year relationship. first dates, mixtapes we’ve made along the way, roadtrips and the many adventures in between. and, some of them will also make a special guest appearance at our ceremony, cocktail hour and reception, too.  🙂

we purchased our music from – where else? –  iTunes. 🙂

from the iTunes site:
“you shall be authorized to burn an audio play list up to seven times. you shall be entitled to export, burn (if applicable) or copy (if applicable) products solely for personal, noncommercial use.”

next up? printing out these covers, designing the cd labels and putting it all together….stay tuned!
now it’s your turn, friends, what are some of your favorite songs that represent the soundtrack of your life? i’m so excited to hear what tunes mean most to you. 🙂
* * * * * * * * *

friends, your sweet thoughts and inspiring comments are the bright spot of my day. please make the jump, hang out and share what’s on your mind. 🙂

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  1. Colleen wrote:

    Congrats, what an amazing wedding soundtrack!!

    Loving your blog. xox

    Posted 1.9.11 Reply
  2. Darling, this mix is absolutely dreamy! I must confess, if John and I had a mix tape it would be our favorite arias and string quartets-not exactly hip! I hope you won’t mind if we pilfer your beautiful collection for mood music this week!

    Posted 1.7.11 Reply
  3. Sylvie, I heart you madly. Thanks for this awesome mix!


    November Grey

    Posted 1.7.11 Reply