pretty in pink

“pink is the color of romance and a friend tells me that the girl with the pink dress at the party is the one who is selected for each dance.”
– alfred carl hottes

nothing makes me smile more than whimsical photographs. and when i found these lovely & amazing images of the angelic courtney vogler, donned in romantic lace and ballerina pink locks, i was positively mesmerized….
{all images by elliot & erick jimenez for material girl}

i’ve secretly envied girls who are bold enough to color their hair a dazzling hue….gwen, rihanna and my darling clementine in “eternal sunshine for the spotless mind.” but i might look more ridiculous than fabulous if i ever followed their lead…so instead, i have a fierce bright blue wig that i toss on when i’m feeling wild and crazy 🙂 and after falling in love with these marvelous photos, i might have to add a pink one to my collection 🙂
what about you friends? have you ever colored {or wished to color} your locks a crazy or not-so-crazy shade? do tell…and maybe give me some courage! {post wedding, of course 😉 }
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friends, your sweet thoughts and inspiring comments are the bright spot of my day. please make the jump, hang out and share what’s on your mind. 🙂

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  1. These images are beautiful…

    Posted 11.16.10 Reply
  2. Signe wrote:

    Love these, she looks great with that pink hair 🙂

    Posted 11.16.10 Reply
  3. joanncto wrote:

    i’ve never dyed my hair but always wanted to do a hidden pink streak a la julia roberts. i’m also considering a digital perm! but alas, my virgin hair suffers from a wimpy owner…dunno if i’ll ever do it!

    Posted 11.16.10 Reply
  4. Full Cup wrote:

    These pictures are stunning. I love how whimsical and dream like these collection is. Thanks for sharing!


    Molly Jane

    PS. Stop by and say hello!:)

    Posted 11.16.10 Reply
  5. Jen wrote:

    This is a gorgeous photoshoot! Thanks for sharing these.

    I’ve thought of coloring my hair red once before, but I don’t know if I’d ever do it.

    Posted 11.15.10 Reply
  6. We have the same brain!! (and I’ll explain the “Pretty in Pink” reference later. P.S. – love that movie!!)

    And OH YES. Obsessed with girls who can do this kind of thing to their hair. The closest I ever got was BLONDE BLONDE. But I actually adore this pale pink color pictured here. It would wreck my almost black hair to get it there… but someday… maybe?


    November Grey

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    Posted 11.15.10 Reply
  7. Oh, how I love these! I admit, in most of my high school musical productions you could find me in a red wig, and I’ve held onto them so that I can change my look around when I feel like it! I could never dye my hair, but it’s nice to be able to play!

    Posted 11.15.10 Reply