• puddle jumpers

    puddle jumpers

    “who says the rain can’t shine?”
    -silver lining no.20

    {pic courtesy of here}

    i’ve had quite the wet, whirlwind week in the nyc. despite the daily torrential downpour, i’ve celebrated the 1st chapter of summer with some of my favorite girlfriends in true form — cozy catch up dinners, charming indie films, too many martinis and endless chatter and laughter throughout the night.

    a hundred thank yous to my favorite city girls for the sunniest days and nights and making me forget, for a little while, that there was any rain at all.


    * * * * * * * * *

    friends, your sweet thoughts and inspiring comments are the bright spot of my day. please make the jump, hang out and share what’s on your mind. 🙂


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