• beach gift wrap » Rad Holiday Gift Wrap by Gray Malin

    Rad Holiday Gift Wrap by Gray Malin

    rad holiday gift wrap by Gray Malin

    via Gray Malin

    Gray Malin’s photographs have all the exquisite elements – captivating composition, head turning hits of color, and super chic styling. And my dreams of a Malibu beach bungalow star a wall-sized “Miami Pink Umbrellas” in the living room.



    “Miami Pink Umbrellas” via Gray Malin

    So when my Instagram feed flashed a photo of flamingo dotted gift wrap, my heart exploded. Rad holiday gift wrap by Gray Malin? [cue choir of angels singing]

    The best part of picking up this rad holiday gift wrap is that its designs transcend any season or holiday. Friends, get ready for some flamingo and beach umbrella wrapped gifts in your not-too-distant future. And pick up some Gray Malin gift wrap for your loved ones this holiday season, too.


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