(RED) Hots

{red hots courtesy of flickr}

following cupid’s theme, today is dedicated to giving a little love for a good cause.
Gap’s (RED) line recently launched a tshirt collection in collaboration with up-and-coming artists. for spring, the men’s & women’s tees were infused with whimsical and inspirational designs by a band of illustrators, artists and graphic novelists – Bodie Chewning, Richard Giglio, Matt Owens, Debra Ziss, Adriano Moraes and deepa.

{gap (red) tee by Debra Ziss}

{designed by Adriano Moraes}

“At about $28, the shirts are affordable, too. One T-shirt sold at regular price is equivalent to the average cost of 10 days of antiretroviral medicine for one person living with HIV in Africa. That, along with appropriate nutrition and care, enables people living with HIV to lead healthy, normal lives.” – Gap (RED) Press Release 02.12.09

this fantastic (RED) tshirt line is a fantastic way to help make our world a better place….and look stylish at the same time. my faves are Adriano Moraes’s Zebra Tee & Debra Ziss’s Dog Tee. What about you??

and….as part of my new job (which starts next month), i’ll be overseeing the Gap (RED) collection (along with a few other cool new product categories). so stay tuned for more artist spotlights!

later, kids!
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