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“creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. art is knowing which ones to keep.”
– scott adams
call me cuckoo, but this diy wedding is starting to feel like more play and less work. the inspiration boards, color palettes and arts & crafts projects – i feel like i’m an art student all over again! so never fear friends, there is no wild bridezilla in sight. just me and a whole lot of pretty, sparkly colors and things.  🙂

once of the art projects i am most jazzed about is our fringe decor.  i fondly reminisce about the colorful and sparkly fringe garlands from my littlest birthday parties. and when i came across this magical design*sponge+ashley meaders+our labor of love photoshoot, i have been dreaming of this idea for our day.

and as much as i would love to fly the fabulous ashley meaders to my wedding, i knew that this dream decor would be created by yours truly. so, for all of you craft-loving friends or diy brides-to-be,here’s a little step-by-step on how you can rock some fabulous fringe at your own soiree.


fabulous fringe garland
{inspired by ashley meaders}
one 1/2 or full ream of tissue paper, colors of your choice
glue stick 
1. measure and cut the bakers twine to your desired garland length.
2. measure about 12″ – 18″ from each end and mark with a knot. your garland will begin here.
3. take 2-4 sheets of tissue paper. cut to your desired width and length. {you can make some longer or shorter than others}
4. in the middle of the sheets, place one end of your twine
5. apply gluestick across the tissue paper below your twine, about 1″ – 2″ in height.
6. gently fold the tissue paper in half over the twine
7. firmly press the tissue paper along the glued section near the twine
8. here’s the fun part! take your scissors and cut the fringe along the bottom edge of the tissue paper. 
9. repeat steps with the rest of your tissue paper.
10. at the very end, “ruffle” the bottoms of each fringe panel to give it volume and life!
{all images via once wed}
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friends, your sweet thoughts and inspiring comments are the bright spot of my day. please make the jump, hang out and share what’s on your mind. 🙂

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  1. Monique wrote:

    Hi, I’m new to your blog. I am engaged and am often in search of wedding ideas. The fringe garland is truly whimsical.

    Posted 8.20.10 Reply
  2. Those fringe garlands are amazing, and the fact that you’re enjoying yourself is so wonderful! I’m with you-I could live in Paper Source and play all day!

    Posted 8.19.10 Reply
  3. O-Ma-gosh. I just love this! I’m planning my daughter’s backyard birthday party at the moment and may have to steal this idea! Thanks, love!



    Posted 8.19.10 Reply