Gifts for Teachers featured by top US life and style blogger Sylvie in the Sky

A teacher is more than just an instructor. They are a mentor, a protector, and huge part of our children’s life. It feels good when we get a chance to show them how much we appreciate all that they do. I wanted to do something special this year, so I did some digging and found the 10 best teacher gifts that say “thank you”, from the heart. I looked for gifts that are unique, wallet friendly (under $25!), and a fun token throughout their day. For a personalized touch, add a “teacher themed” gift tag (I included some ideas!) that kids can have fun signing. So, here are the 10 best gifts for teachers to show those who inspire our kids every day, how much we care.

Gifts for Teachers featured by top US life and style blogger Sylvie in the Sky


Personalized Letter Coffee Mug

Upgrade their everyday mug to something cute and personalized (and make it extra special with a gift card to a coffee shop!)

For the Teacher Themed Gift Tag:

“Thanks a Latte”

Pretty Tin of Teas or Coffee

Everyone has their favorite tea, but these teas are not your everyday blends! Not only do they have so many flavors, they also come in a cute tin can that can double as a desk accessory. Pair this gift with a thermos that will keep their tea warm all day.

For the Teacher Themed Gift Tag:

“Thank you for being a Tea-rrific teacher”

Desk Friendly Mini Plants

Studies show plants improve happiness and productivity at work. So, what’s a better gift than a mini plant! These are super budget friendly and easy to DIY! My favorites are succulents, air plants and cactus. You can also pair this gift with a mini terrarium.

For the Teacher Themed Gift Tag:

“Thank you for helping me grow”

Scented Candle

Who doesn’t love a new candle for the new season? There are so many fresh scents I love like white flowers, lavender, coconut and citrus. Any of these scents will help them relax, unwind and not think about work! Find a candle tray to go with it, and you have the perfect gift.

For the Teacher Themed Gift Tag:

“You are a scent-sational teacher”

Trinket Tray / Jewelry Dish

Pick a tray that doubles as a jewelry dish and a desk catchall! They come in pretty patterns that will add a pop of personality to their desk. Pair this gift with a smaller tray to give them a little set.


Luggage Tag

Make their luggage look as stylish as they do! Not only can they use this on luggage, but it can also be used at home as an organization tag.

For the Teacher Themed Gift Tag:

“Thank you for always going the extra mile”

Mini Spa Kit

Give them a gift they wouldn’t dream of returning! Put a DIY spa kit inside a pretty basket that they can keep at their desk!

For the Teacher Themed Gift Tag:

“Mani thanks for all that you do”

Rad Water Thermos

This gift will be perfect for their morning coffee or tea. The best part about a thermos, is it keeps your drink warm for over 12 hours. Pair this with a box of k-cups for a coffee lovers delight!

For the Teacher Themed Gift Tag:

“It’s so refreshing to have a teacher like you”

Travel Sized Hand Cream, Sunscreen, Lip Balm

These everyday essentials are the perfect gift for those who love to travel. Wrap them up inside a beach towel and they’ll be ready for their next vacation!

City Wine Tote

A bottle of wine inside a cute tote bag is a gift anyone would love! The tote bag can also be used as a stylish way to store your bottles of wine at home.

For the Teacher Themed Gift Tag:

“You’re a tote-ally terrific teacher”

I hope these 10 best gifts for teachers inspire you to pick something special. It’s the perfect time to say “thank you” to those who empower our children. Let me know what teacher gifts you love to give in the comments below!

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  1. Cool list! I really like the Water Thermos. These are so colorful. Thank you for sharing these ideas.

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