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now that i’ve embraced the life of a recessionista, my daily bus adventures have placed a lot of pressure on my trusty ipod. new songs get old fast. oldie-but-goodies begin to lose their lustre. every weekend i now spend a few hours scouring the web for new albums, songs, remixes, playlists. anything to distract me from the fact that i am riding the bus.

enter glasvegas.

Glasvegas debut album, originally uploaded by britrockatthetop.

this brilliant freshman indie band hails from scotland and its fantastic melodies have the faint nostalgia of jesus & mary chain and the best of britpop. their debut album has been on repeat for the past few weeks and the band just played a sold out show @ the bowery ballroom in nyc.

Glasvegas // Bowery Ballroom, originally uploaded by ryan muir.

and it looks like rolling stone thinks they’re pretty cool, too….

This Scottish quartet’s first album is practically a best-of set — four songs previously appeared as high-buzz indie singles. Glasvegas create wall-of-distortion melodrama that draws on the Jesus and Mary Chain, Sixties girl groups and the Velvet Underground’s rain-dance pulse. It makes for a compelling blend of grays — “Flowers and Football Tops” is based on the real-life murder of a Glasgow teenager — lit by singer James Allan’s high, bright hurrahs. You may get lost in his thick Scottish accent — until the chant-ready choruses come around.”
— Rolling Stone

if you’re curious, check out a few tracks below.

sb faves: “geraldine,” “it’s my own cheating heart that makes me cry,” & “daddy’s gone”


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  1. reegsta wrote:

    think ima play that song for geraldine haha

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