technicolor town

{pic courtesy of flickr}

while this year’s travel adventures are set, i’m always looking for an on the whim trip.

the technicolor town of old san juan, puerto rico has caught my eye and i am already dreaming of strolling down their blue brick roads towards the ocean.

{pic courtesy of flickr}

conde nast traveler’s treasure in a teacup celebrates the resurgence of this once glamorous city and the color and romance that fill the air.

“When the music stops, the air outside is comfortably warm and the streetlights give off a soft glow. It’s well past midnight, but the streets are as busy as in the middle of the day, and despite the hour, there is no drunken sloppiness. We seek out a view of the water and the illuminated fortresses. ‘Take advantage of the romance here,’ a Florida man chides us. ‘If not, shame on you.’ “

{pic courtesy of flickr}

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