Thank You, Alt Summit


Alt Summit Winter is officially in the books. I woke up this morning, in my home, and wondered for a split second if all of these extraordinary memories were just a dream. The sage speakers, stirring stories, crazy card-swapping, late-night laughter, dancegrams, downton abbey, and awesome new friendships – all of this, in 2 1/2 days, seemed too awesome to have JUST happened.

But Alt Summit did happen. And I’m lucky that I had the opportunity to live it. Eyes brighter, spirit fierier, heart fuller, and with a band of big dreamers who are ready to give back and do more.

Thanks, Alt. You’re lovely, amazing, life changing, and my new definition of awesome. I can’t wait to go back.


Alt Summit’s Summer 2015 Session is selling early bird tickets as we speak. This crazy event sells out in a blink so get yours today at a discounted price.


Here’s to the weekend.

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